The weather remains unpredictable following the storm. In such conditions, the best place to be is in the forest, especially in La Gomera! The primary forest that blankets the island’s highlands, surrounding its peak, is deeply influenced by the trade winds and the moisture they bring. Hiking in this forest during clear weather is pleasant, but trekking during misty or damp conditions gives the place a unique ambiance.

The first trail starts from the small hamlet of El Cedro, which I had reached during a previous hike from Hermigua. However, this time, instead of heading towards Los Avecinos, I delve deeper into the forest that I just drove through, following a narrow road to the hamlet. The path first passes by some old farms nestled in a stunning forested amphitheater.

The trail then plunges deeper into the forest, treating us to moss-covered views and ethereal light, before reaching the small chapel of Ermita Nuestra Señora de Lourdes. A rooster stands guard at the chapel, and the path continues its ascent through the forest towards the island’s peak. We take a detour to the west and, after the final stretch of the trail, rejoin the small road leading back to El Cedro. A quick coffee at La Vista bar is a welcome break before heading to the second trail.

I’m familiar with this next trail, having explored it during my first visit to the island. However, this time, I’m introducing it to my brother-in-law! The Las Creces trail is another forest gem, with the added bonus of viewpoints overlooking Vallehermoso and its surroundings. The weather has cleared up a bit, so I’m hopeful for clear views of the north coast from the viewpoints.

Even if the views remain obscured, Las Creces delights us with a cliffside trail surrounded by trees heavily draped in moss. The wind blows strongly, but the trees shield us effectively. Sunlight occasionally pierces through the branches, adding a touch of magic to the atmosphere, until finally, the view opens up to the enchanting valley of Vallehermoso.

These two short hikes offer a perfect glimpse into the richness and significance of La Gomera’s forests. I realized that I haven’t explored these forests much, and I’ll have to consider a longer day of hiking during my next visit.

Photos from the El Cedro hike:

randonnee canaries gomera el cedro 9 Hiking in the Forests of La Gomera: El Cedro and Las Creces

randonnee canaries gomera las creces 10 Hiking in the Forests of La Gomera: El Cedro and Las Creces

randonnee canaries gomera las creces 22 Hiking in the Forests of La Gomera: El Cedro and Las Creces