Do you want to increase the number of visits to your website, develop your turnover or retain your customers ? At a time when smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives, have you thought about SMS marketing ? It can be a good lever to activate to communicate with your customers and prospects. Today, to reach your customer base while optimizing your time and costs with SMS marketing, we advise you to use mass SMS sending software . In this article, we explain why to send mass SMS, how to do it well and which solutions to choose.

What does bulk texting mean?

Bulk texting is the process of sending short messages to hundreds or even thousands of recipients at once, through an automated sending system (SMS software).

Send bulk SMS

This process is used to promote products or services through SMS marketing campaigns, to send notifications or alerts (transactional SMS), or to inform customers of the latest offers and promotions (SMS marketing).

The mention “en masse” simply indicates that the sending will concern a large number of recipients at once, from several hundred to several tens of thousands of opt-in contacts.

Why send bulk SMS?

Today, sending mass marketing SMS can increase the impact of your marketing message with your customers and prospects. Using bulk SMS sending software (like SMSFactor ) is essential in a good large-scale SMS marketing strategy.

For what ? Specialized professional SMS software allows you to create and program automated campaigns (or not, depending on your needs) with personalized scenarios. Via this type of tool, you will be able to precisely monitor and analyze the results of your campaigns while combining advanced features such as the HLR lookup.

What are the main advantages of sending bulk SMS?

Sending large quantities of SMS has many significant advantages for the development of your business:

  1. Increase traffic to your website and/or your physical stores : sending information to your customers, such as a promotional offer or an event, for example, ensures that you increase the number of visits to your website or to your physical stores . Therefore, it is very likely that by attracting more people, you will see your sales increase.
  2. Conquer new customers : did you know that the memorization rate of a marketing SMS is around 80%? You therefore have a high probability that your customers and prospects will remember you and convert!
  3. Retain your customers : the strength of a mass SMS sending platform is that it allows you to send personalized SMS to your target according to their centers of interest, their previous purchases, their abandoned baskets, etc. Indeed, you will have a better chance of converting your customer back into a buyer if your message matches their personality.
  4. High open and read rates : Text messages are often read within minutes of receipt, ensuring high visibility of delivered messages for businesses.
  5. Relatively low cost compared to other marketing approaches : Sending mass SMS is generally less expensive than other means of communication such as cold calling, online advertising or even traditional direct marketing.
  6. Easy personalization : Businesses can easily personalize SMS messages by using variables to include information such as the recipient’s name or relevant products.
  7. Speed and simplicity : Text messages can be sent quickly and at scale, making them useful for short-term marketing campaigns. Setting up a campaign is also very simple since all you need to do is use specialized software to set up this type of marketing action.
  8. Marketing messages that can be viewed on the move : Text messages can be read on mobile devices, which makes them accessible to a wide audience, whether or not they are on the move.
  9. Real-time interaction possible : Depending on the type of SMS sent, recipients can respond to SMS messages immediately, allowing businesses to generate real-time interactions with their customers.
  10. High conversion rate : SMS can prompt recipients to act quickly on the message received, which can result in higher conversion rates compared to other means of communication.
  11. Many possible segmentation and personalization options : Companies can easily segment their mailing list according to the interests and purchasing behaviors of recipients, which allows to send more relevant messages.
  12. Less waste than other communication methods : Text messages are usually sent to verified phone numbers, which reduces waste compared to other communication methods such as email campaigns with emails that have not been verified by double optin.
  13. Universal and international accessibility : SMS are available on most mobile phones, which makes them accessible to a wide audience, even in regions where Internet access may be limited (white zones).

What are the 10 best practices to follow to send mass SMS efficiently while respecting the law and the CNIL?

Here are 10 best practices for sending bulk SMS efficiently while respecting CNIL regulations:

  1. Obtain explicit consent from recipients to send bulk SMS.
  2. Keep track of the consents granted by your recipients (useful in case of control).
  3. Ensure that the SMS sent are relevant and useful for the recipients.
  4. Avoid texting outside normal working hours.
  5. Allow recipients to easily unsubscribe from your SMS campaigns (via SMS or via a dedicated easy-to-access online interface).
  6. Do not pass contact information to third parties.
  7. Comply with applicable anti-spam regulations.
  8. Ensure that the text messages sent contain the necessary information to identify the sender.
  9. Avoid sending commercial text messages that are not directly related to your company’s products or services.
  10. Regularly monitor recipient feedback and complaints to improve SMS sending practices.

What are the 10 best practices for sending bulk SMS (which generate turnover)?

Although there are many best practices in SMS marketing, here is a selection of 10 tips to optimize the performance of your overall SMS strategy:

  1. Segment the mailing list: Divide the recipient list into specific groups based on their interests, buying behaviors and communication history with the company. This makes it possible to send more targeted and relevant messages for each group.
  2. Personalize sent messages: Use variables to personalize SMS messages, such as the name of the recipient or the products relevant to them. Personalized messages tend to have a significantly higher response and conversion rate.
  3. Choose the right time to schedule your campaigns: Send messages at times when recipients are most likely to read them and act on them. Avoid sending messages late at night or very early in the morning (contrary to the law).
  4. Keep messages short and concise: SMS messages should be concise and easy to read on a small screen. People are more likely to engage with short, punchy messages.
  5. Use clear calls-to-action: Include a clear call-to-action in messages, such as “Buy now”, “Take advantage of the offer”, “Reserve your seat now” or “Click to learn more”. The recipients must know what to do following the received SMS.
  6. Offer added value: Offer exclusive offers, discounts or coupon codes to entice recipients to act on the message.
  7. Only send your SMS to its recipients OPTIN: Make sure to obtain the explicit consent of the recipients before sending text messages. Avoid serial text messages which can be considered spam.
  8. Track performance: Track delivery, read and conversion rates to measure message effectiveness and adjust your SMS strategy accordingly.
  9. Test different message formats and approaches: Experiment with different message types and calls to action to find what works best for each segment of the email list.
  10. Comply with Applicable Laws: Know and comply with laws and regulations regarding bulk texting, such as the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States or the GDPR in Europe.

How to send group SMS?

No matter which solution you choose to send your bulk SMS, the method is always pretty much the same:

  1. Import a list of recipients into your platform, ideally with last name, first name and at least a telephone number.
  2. Create your campaign and select sending options.
  3. Send your SMS in bulk.
  4. Observe the results.

Which platforms to use to send bulk SMS?

SMSFactor, the complete solution for sending professional SMS campaigns.

SMSFactor bulk sms

Created in 2010, SMSFactor is a French online software for sending SMS in France and abroad (it covers more than 150 countries). Suitable for the self-employed, VSEs, SMEs and large companies, it mainly allows you to send and program the sending of mass SMS, personalize the sender, insert short traced links, files, etc.

Thanks to SMSFactor, you can send a wide variety of SMS types such as marketing campaigns such as promotional offers, surveys, votes, appointment reminders, etc. This software can be integrated into your CRM directly by API . Plugins are also available to connect directly to your work tools such as HubSpot, WordPress, Zapier, Gmail…

What are the pros and cons of SMSFactor?


  • An intuitive interface suitable for everyone and quick to learn.
  • 96% SMS deliverability rate.
  • Instant sending or programming of the sending of campaigns (unit, or mass).
  • Automatic management of STOP SMS.
  • Personalization through direct mail.
  • Sender customization.
  • Worldwide coverage in more than 150 countries (respecting the sending standards of the different countries) .
  • Integrated HLR lookup functionality: optimization of the routing budget via automatic (mass) cleaning of incorrect telephone numbers.
  • Hosting in a French data center.
  • GDPR compliant SMS platform.
  • Free support 5 days a week for all customers.
  • Customer service available 24/7 in the event of a technical problem
  • Decreasing rates according to the volume of sending
  • A solution with no expiry date and no commitment
  • Rates from €0.035 / SMS


  • Free offer limited to 10 SMS
  • Prepaid packs start from 1000 SMS (€0.065/SMS)

Software for sending group SMS alternative to SMSFactor


Bulk SMS Sarbacane

Created in 2001 and recognized in the emailing sector, Sarbacane is a solution that also allows you to send marketing SMS to all your contacts.


  • Possibility of implementation of images, videos, blocks
  • Automation of scenarios and recurring campaigns
  • Automatic personalization of SMS based on customer data
  • Sender Customization
  • Segmentation of shipments


  • No exclusive offer for sending marketing SMS. Each offer includes the sending of emailing campaigns.
  • A free version limited to 10 SMS.


Primo text mass sms

Primotexto allows you to send individual or grouped SMS to France and abroad.


  • Send SMS individually or in bulk
  • Automatic SMS sending
  • Send instant or scheduled SMS
  • Sending enriched SMS
  • Instant dialogue with your customers: Diaglog functionality available to communicate with your customers


  • Free trial limited in time and features

Spot Hit

Spot-hit mass sms

Founded in 2010 and based in Roanne, the start-up Spot-Hit specializes in advertising SMS, voice messages and direct marketing. This online solution makes it possible to manage the creation of the message, the import of contacts up to the follow-up of acknowledgments of receipt.


  • Email automation based on customer behavior
  • Automated customer segmentation
  • Voice messages
  • 100 SMS offered to test the solution


  • Decreasing rate from 10,000 SMS (€0.059 excl. VAT/SMS)
  • Lack of HLR (Home Location Register) function to check that the numbers are working correctly before sending

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk SMS:

What is an SMS mailing?

SMS mailing is a method of marketing communication that allows promotional messages to be sent to a large number of recipients at the same time. The messages are sent by SMS and can be personalized according to the recipients. SMS mailing is a very effective direct marketing technique that allows you to reach a large audience quickly and easily.

SMS mailing vs bulk SMS campaigns, what are the differences?

There are no significant differences between an SMS mailing and a bulk SMS campaign, it is simply a similar term representing the same marketing approach.

Can we send bulk SMS over the internet?

Yes, it is quite possible to schedule online SMS campaigns using professional software like SMSFactor. These offer a web interface accessible from a smartphone or computer in SaaS mode, which means that you simply need an internet connection to be able to create and plan your campaigns so that they are sent to hundreds or thousands of contacts. (you don’t need to install any software on your computer or mobile phone).

Are there any mobile apps to send bulk SMS without SMS software?

Yes, several mobile applications allow you to send bulk SMS without SMS software. These apps offer many benefits, including targeted texting, message personalization, and the ability to schedule text messages in advance. They also make it possible to analyze the performance of SMS campaigns and to access statistics and information on the recipient.

How to send bulk SMS for free?

It is possible, via certain software (such as Ditel SMS Mailing) to be configured and installed on your computer, to send SMS to several hundred individuals, without having to subscribe to SMS software, only by using his SIM card.

However, this technique has several significant drawbacks:

  • It is not GDPR compliant and therefore we do not recommend it for professional use;
  • You will be limited to routing a maximum of 200 SMS per hour depending on the operator with which you have subscribed to your personal mobile plan;
  • You will not be able to personalize the sender name or track people wishing to unsubscribe from your SMS;
  • You will not be able to monitor the performance of your SMS campaigns (clicks on links, opening rate, etc.).

How to send a group message without paying?

If you want to contact a selection of loyal customers without using SMS software, it is quite possible via the functionality of sending group messages natively integrated on Android and Apple smartphones. This feature, used mainly for personal purposes, can be used professionally for sending SMS in limited quantities.

To do this, simply manually add as many recipients as desired via your contact book or by simply entering the desired numbers one after the other.

For group messages from Apple, the recipient limit is set at 500 per SMS.

On Android, group messages are limited between 20 and 200 people, but remember that you will in any case be limited by your operator and often cannot send more than 200 SMS in an hour.

How to send SMS to more than 100 people without paying?

Another alternative to professional SMS software and group messages is to create a community on social messaging networks like Telegram or WhatsApp. These allow a sender to send commercial or informational messages 100% free of charge provided that the sender uses the Business version of WhatsApp and that the receivers give their consent to receive the messages.

For Telegram, in order for people to receive the messages, they will need to subscribe to the company’s Telegram channel.

How to send an SMS to several people without creating an iPhone or Android group?

Texting multiple contacts at once without creating a group can be a complicated task if you don’t use the right tool. Luckily, there are apps and services that let you message multiple people without having to create a group. You can send SMS to a large number of contacts in a few minutes and in a very simple way using SMS software like SMSFactor for example.

If you prefer a 100% free alternative, you can use social email networks but this mode of operation will not actually send an SMS.

What laws govern bulk texting in France?

In France, the mass sending of SMS is governed by the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties). According to the CNIL and French legislation, the sending of mass SMS is authorized only for commercial purposes if the recipient has given his consent (optin which the sender must be able to prove). In addition, the recipient must be informed and be able to withdraw their consent at any time via an unsubscribe system (STOP SMS).


All the software presented in this article will allow you to achieve your goals. To make your choice, you will have to pay attention to the functionalities of each software: what do you really need? What does the platform allow you to do (or not) with regard to your objectives? The price also comes into play: what is the most suitable offer for your company and your rate of use? Customer support is just as important: is it based in France and responsive? How long before having a response to the concerns encountered?

Although we have presented several solutions to you, SMS Factor meets all the criteria of a very good software for sending bulk SMS .

And you, which solution will you opt for?