Do you seem to find yourself without pockets when you need them most? When your phone is ringing and you don’t have somewhere to put it? You’re not alone – pocket-less phone carrying is a problem many of us face. Whether you’re wearing shorts or a dress, there are thankfully many ways to ensure you never miss out a call!

Clever Clips and Clasps

To avoid losing your phone, it makes sense to invest in something you can attach it to. Waist and neck bags come with clasps and straps so you can safely carry your phone with you wherever you go. Neck bags in particular, come with handy straps that can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. There’s also the option of using clothes clips that attach to your clothing. Or, buy yourself a phone armband in a range of bright colours and designs. With this, you can conveniently store your phone while going on a run or enjoying a bicycle ride.

Practical, Pocket Enhancers

If you want to keep your phone in an easy-to-access pocket, but don’t have any, then wear a pocket enhancing belt! These innovative accessories provide you with a reliable way to store your phone and any other items you might need quick access to. They’re also great for festivals, fairs and the like.

Keep it Handy with a Phone Bag

Phone bags are ideal for when you don’t want to attach your phone to anything when you’re out and about. A phone bag easily attaches onto a belt and can be taken off and put on quickly and within seconds. It’s also convenient that the bag zips up so you can safely keep your phone.

A Handy Way to Carry your Phone

If you’re after an even simpler method, consider using a phone hand strap. Not only does it keep your hands free, but it also makes sure your phone doesn’t slip into the sidelines. The hand strap is made from lightweight materials, so you won’t notice that it’s there.

What are some alternatives to pockets for carrying a phone?

1. Phone cases with belt clips.

2. Phone wristlets.

3. Crossbody bags.

4. Utility pouches.

5. Necklaces with phone holders.

6. Waist bags.

7. Fanny packs.

8. Running arm bands.

9. Money belts.

10. Phone holsters.

What are some other ways to carry a phone?

1. Fanny pack

2. Belt clip

3. Wristlet pouch

4. Phone lanyard

5. Phone pocket

6. Cross-body bag

7. Phone holster

8. Pouch

9. Phone wallet

10. Backpack

What are the best ways to carry a phone while running?

1. Waist Pack – This is an easy, hands-free way to carry your phone while running. You can find waist packs designed specifically for running that offer an elastic closure, a secure zipper, and a phone pocket to store your device.

2. Arm Band – An arm band is another great option for carrying your phone on a run. Look for one with a comfortable band and a pocket where you can store your device and adjust the band to fit securely around your arm.

3. Hydration Vest – For long runs, consider a running hydration vest. These backpacks come with several pockets, including one specifically designed to fit your phone.

4. Fanny Pack – You can also use a fanny pack to keep your phone secure during a run. This approach offers an easy way to stow your device and have it readily accessible.

5. Shoe Pocket – If you don’t need quick access to your phone while running, you can also carry it in a secure pocket on the outside of your shoe. This is a great way to free up your arms and hands while keeping your device safe and secure.


The world can be a confusing place when you don’t have a pocket to store your phone. To keep your phone safe and accessible, use waist and neck bags, clothes clips, pocket-enhancers, phone bags and hand straps. No more missed calls – you’ll always be able to use your phone when you need it.


Q: What are some alternatives to carrying a phone in my pocket?

A: You can carry your phone in your purse/bag, use a phone case with a strap or belt holster, use an armband for your phone, or you can use a phone holder belt clip or fanny pack.

Q: Are there any stylish ways to carry my phone without pockets?

A: Yes, you can use a fashionable phone case with a strap or get a stylish armband. There are also lots of different patterns and color options to choose from.

Q: Are there phone accessories to help me carry my phone without pockets?

A: Yes, there are lots of phone accessories available to help you carry your phone without pockets, such as phone cases with straps, belt clips, fanny packs, and armbands.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a phone holder or phone case with a strap?

A: First and foremost, consider the types of activities you will be doing with your phone or device. You will need to find a phone holder or phone case with a strap that is able to securely and safely hold your device and support the activities you are doing. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the holder or case is comfortable, secure, and does not interfere with your other activities. Consider the material of the holder or case, as well as the fit of the strap and how adjustable it is. Additionally, you may want to find a holder or case that is waterproof and provides drop protection for your phone.