Passwords are a valuable asset that hackers are willing to go to great lengths to obtain. Cybercriminals use various methods to steal them, and experts at Kaspersky have detailed these tricks.

To explaining the methods used by hackers, Kaspersky also provides guidance on how to avoid falling victim to these attacks, which can save individuals from potential problems.

Common methods used by hackers to steal phone passwords

As we have seen in many instances, hackers often attempt to lower our guard by making us believe that something is legitimate when it is not. This is the basic principle of hacking, disguising malicious content in a seemingly trustworthy form.

This is where problems arise and the greatest risk lies in not paying attention to everything that is sent to us and opened on our phones.

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Experts at Kaspersky have not only identified situations in which our passwords are at increased risk, such as when third parties or organizations have poor data management, but also several other factors that directly contribute to password theft.

Phishing and Malware

Hacking is a common way for cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive data on personal computers and smartphones. This method relies on exploiting human error through various tricks and social engineering tactics.

Even experienced internet users can fall victim to these tactics, as hackers use deception to make their fraudulent websites appear trustworthy. These sites are designed to capture personal information and send it to the hackers. It is important to be cautious and aware of potential hacking attempts to protect personal data.

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Malware is another important tool used by cybercriminals to steal personal information. Similar to phishing, malware can be downloaded through deceptive methods. However, the main difference is that malware resides on the device and can take control of it.

This allows the malware to physically steal credentials and potentially record or extract sensitive information, which can be used for ransom. Trojan malware is particularly prevalent and dangerous. It is important to be aware of potential malware attacks and take steps to protect personal information.

Security breach in third-party servers and brokers

Another common way for cybercriminals to steal passwords is by directly hacking the servers where they are stored. Even if a person uses a strong password, if a hacker is able to access the database and steal it, they will have access to all of the person’s data.

To protect against this, it is recommended to use different passwords for different services and platforms. This way, even if one password is compromised, the others will still be safe.

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Another way for passwords to be circulated on the internet is through brokers. These entities steal passwords and then sell them on the deep web. Many cybercriminals use forums on the deep web to sell vast amounts of data, including the credentials of millions of people.

This is another way that our passwords end up in the wrong hands, as they are sold and traded among criminals. Passwords and credentials are valuable assets, so they are often sold for a profit, even more than what could be gained by directly using them to steal money from accounts.

How to prevent hackers from stealing your phone password?

  1. Lock your mobile with PIN code, Face ID or fingerprint
  2. Back up frequently
  3. Don’t save passwords on your phone
  4. Download apps only from official stores
  5. Keep your phone and apps up to date
  6. Always use two-factor authentication
  7. Use a VPN
  8. Protect your mobile fingerprint