HomeAgain is a pet recovery service that provides microchipping, registration, and recovery services for lost pets.

The cost of the service can vary depending on the package you choose and where you live.

The HomeAgain Standard Package, which includes lifetime registration and recovery services, typically costs around $20 – $30.

The HomeAgain Premium Package, which includes all the services of the Standard Package, as well as access to a lost pet specialist, online pet health management tools, and additional discounts, typically costs around $17 – $25 per year.

It is important to note that the cost of microchipping, which is often done at the same time as registering with HomeAgain, can vary depending on where you go for the service. Some veterinarians may charge around $50 for the procedure, while others may charge less or more.

It’s always recommended to check with your local veterinarian for the cost of HomeAgain services. ## How Much Is Home Again Pet Recovery?

Q: Is there a cost associated with Home Again pet recovery?

A: Yes, there is a cost associated with Home Again pet recovery. The initial fee for a Home Again pet recovery membership is $17.99/year.

Q: What services does a Home Again pet recovery membership provide?

A: Home Again pet recovery membership provides a variety of services, including a 24/7 pet recovery specialist to assist with the process of locating a lost pet, a pet ID tag to help identify a lost pet, and a 24/7 Pet Emergency Hotline to provide advice and assistance.

Q: Does Home Again pet recovery offer discounts?

A: Yes, Home Again pet recovery offers a variety of discounts, such as military discounts and multi-pet discounts. Additionally, there are often promotional offers available, such as discounts for renewing memberships and first-time memberships.

What is the cost to register with Home Again Pet Recovery?

The cost to register with Home Again Pet Recovery varies depending on the type of product you purchase. The microchip will cost anywhere between $19.99 and $47.99 depending on the retailer. A Home Again annual membership is $17.99, which includes a lost pet recovery service, 24/7 lost pet specialists, lost pet medical insurance, and access to pet care services like vet recommendations, grooming, and boarding.

What is the cost of the Home Again Microchip?

The cost of a Home Again Microchip varies depending on the retailer, but the average cost is around $45.