Increasing your influence on Threads requires careful attention to the frequency of your posts. Numerous studies have shown that the post frequency on an account has a direct impact on audience growth and engagement. So, what is the right posting frequency? This article provides insights into this question.

Why Pay Attention to Your Posting Frequency?

Whether you’re a business or an individual looking to promote your activities, it’s clear that Threads is a window to the world. The social network can help you increase your clientele and influence. Your presence on the platform signifies your commitment to those who follow you.

Regular content allows you to build a strong, lasting community around you or your business. The Threads posting frequency plays a vital role in strengthening user engagement towards your content.

Additionally, the Threads algorithm favors accounts that frequently post content. Regular posts keep a large number of users on the platform. The longer people spend on Threads, the more the social network profits from advertising revenue opportunities. Thus, you become a favored content creator.

What Influences Your Posting Frequency

While posting frequency on Threads is an important parameter for growing your activities, it doesn’t mean you should post every hour. This behavior can backfire. It’s challenging to post relevant and high-quality content very regularly. Your posting rhythm should therefore depend on several parameters.

Type of Account

Professional accounts, creator accounts, and personal accounts generally do not post at the same pace. The objectives vary, and so does the value of the posts according to these profiles.

For a professional account, the posts must be of high quality. They should be reviewed and revised, whether they are announcements or activity posts, before being shared online. This way, the company can maintain a professional image. That’s why it can be challenging for them to post every day.

For personal Threads accounts, there is more flexibility. You can post about various topics more frequently. Although you should always maintain a certain rhythm, you can safely opt for 1 post per day even if the quality is not high. Also, with the algorithm favoring Reels, you should diversify your posts. You should not just rely on image posts and stories to avoid going unnoticed.

Threads creator accounts also need to seek relevance through their content. Depending on their activities, they can make regular and useful posts to build a good audience.

Ability to Create High-Quality Content

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your content will have a significant impact on its posting frequency. Whether on a professional or personal account, focusing on quality can give more reach to your posts and reach more people.

Quality is not just about the aesthetics of your content but also about its originality, usefulness, and relevance. Regularly creating this type of content is quite difficult, even for profiles with millions of followers.

Ideally, find a posting rhythm that allows you to post content interesting for your community. This will help you get a better engagement rate, but especially to increase your number of followers.


Your type of audience is another parameter that could help you define your posting rhythm. To get more reactions under your posts, you need to target moments when you are sure that your audience will be connected. Also, you must take into account the characteristics of your audience to know what type of post to make at each moment.

Some users even question their audience to find an appropriate posting rhythm. As they are the center of your communication strategy, you must know your community well. Therefore, you should ask yourself:

  • What do they like?
  • When are they connected?
  • What type of post do they appreciate?
  • What posting rhythm seems to suit them?

Only through this can you gather maximum reactions to be highlighted by the Threads algorithm.

Type of Content You Plan to Share

Naturally, to know how many times to post on Threads each week, you must consider the type of content you will create. Some post formats are simpler to make than others.

Also, two contents of the same nature can present difficulties depending on your profile. For example, for the publication of a set of photos of different formats, a professional and an individual will not have to put in the same effort. The same goes for video posts or written posts.

You can determine your posting rhythm considering the complexity of your posts. As mentioned earlier, you should always aim for quality. Thus, for a content creator who wants to have a good audience, it is necessary to define a number of posts to make each week according to your ability to make flawless publications.

Current Events

A mistake to avoid when making Threads posts is to post thoughtlessly, especially if you are a professional. To ensure that your audience is interested in your posts, make sure they are made at the best possible time. For this, your current events will be a great ally.

Posting according to your current events allows you to create content more likely to catch your audience’s attention. Understand that people are not only interested in you or your activity, but especially in everything that happens around. That’s one of the reasons why posts involving significant news like a child’s birth are successful on social media.

For a content creator, participating in a particular event or launching a challenge with regular posts can increase your audience’s engagement. You can thus vary the frequency of your posts according to changes or news in your field.

The Period You’re In

Finally, you can make your posts according to the period you are in. When launching your page and you’re still at the beginning, you can afford to make posts every day to feed your profile.

This will let newcomers know that it’s an active account with regular content. Once you have reached a certain number of followers, you can reduce your frequency to a rhythm that allows you to create high-quality content.

Also, posting frequency can depend on the period you are in your life or your business. For a professional, it would be normal to significantly reduce Threads posts during vacation periods. On the other hand, a creator with a very young audience can increase their posting rhythm during this period.

How Often Should You Post on Threads?

As you may have noticed, several factors come into play when choosing the right posting frequency. However, there are certain patterns that have proven successful, which you can use to find your own rhythm.

Generally Recommended Posting Frequency

Several studies have been conducted in recent years to determine the appropriate posting rate for an Threads account wishing to develop a solid audience. In 2021, an analysis of audience engagement on social media showed that an average of 14 posts per week was sufficient.

The social media scheduling tool Later also conducted an analysis of more than 81 million feed posts. The study revealed that the more posts per week, the greater their reach. One of the conclusions drawn is that to increase the impact and effectiveness of your content, you need to adapt your posting frequency according to your number of followers.

In any case, it is recommended to maintain a rhythm of 3 to 5 posts minimum per week. You can add 2 or 3 reels and at least one story every week to maintain a good audience. Of course, these numbers can be adjusted depending on your ability to create quality content.

Method for Defining the Posting Frequency Suited to Your Profile

While defining an ideal posting rhythm for your Threads account may seem like a puzzle, it’s easier than you might think. There are several methods to do this.

The first is to examine profiles similar to yours and analyze their posting rhythm. Don’t hesitate to take into account both accounts with many followers and those with few. Another approach is to choose an average posting rhythm, like the one mentioned above, and analyze your audience’s reactions. You will need to keep an eye on insights data, noting the posts with the most impact and the times these posts were made.

This will allow you to have a schedule, with a number of Threads posts per day or per week, which you can adjust as you go.

Once you have it, you can use the tool which allows you to schedule your posts. This technological feat allows you to maintain the right posting rhythm and respect the regularity demanded by the Threads algorithm. It will gradually increase your audience.

When to Post on Threads?

Beyond the frequency of posting, the timing of the post is a very important factor as you may have noted above. That’s why you need to know exactly what days and at what times to make your posts.

Which Days to Post?

As for posting days, everything will depend on your activity, the type of post, and the type of audience you have. However, you know that on weekends most workers are resting and therefore more than ever glued to their phones.

That’s why many prefer to make their posts between Saturday and Sunday or on public holidays. Some studies have also shown that Wednesday is also a good day for posting. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the other days are bad. Indeed, these examples are very general and may not match certain types of audiences.

What Times to Post?

As for posting times, you can already note lunch hours between 11 am and 2 pm or closing times between 5 pm and 8 pm. These are moments when the majority of people are eating or on their way home. There is, therefore, a strong chance that they are on social media.

Conclusion and Summary

From all of the above, simply remember that the frequency of your content’s publication has a significant impact on the growth of your audience. The choice of your posting rhythm should take into account factors such as:

  • Your profile;
  • Your audience;
  • Your type of content;
  • The quality of your content.

While the right posting rhythm varies for each account, generally an average of 3 to 5 posts per week is recommended. Also, don’t forget that making posts on weekends or rest days could facilitate their visibility to your audience. In the same spirit, you can make posts in the evening or during break times.