Introduction to Dashed Line Text Effect

Dashed or dotted line effects can add a unique touch to your text, making it stand out in designs. Adobe Illustrator offers a straightforward method to achieve this effect. This guide will walk you through the steps to add a dashed line effect to your text in Illustrator.

Creating the Base Text:

  1. Initiate with the Type Tool: Select the Type Tool and click on your document to start typing. For this example, we’ll use the text “Dashed Line Effect.”
  2. Adjust Font and Size: Highlight the text and choose a bold font, such as ‘Integra Extra Bold’, to make the effect more pronounced. Increase the font size for better visibility.
  3. Modify Line Spacing: If the line spacing is too wide, adjust it for a more cohesive look. Access the Character Panel from the ‘Window’ menu, then ‘Type’, and adjust the spacing.

Applying the Dashed Line Effect:

  1. Add a Stroke: With the text selected, apply a stroke to it. For instance, a 5-point stroke will be noticeable but not overpowering.
  2. Remove the Fill: Navigate to the Appearance Panel (accessible from the ‘Window’ menu) and remove the fill color. This will leave you with just the outline of the text.
  3. Apply the Dashed Effect: Dive into the stroke settings. Here, you can specify the type of dash you want, its length, and the gap between dashes. Adjust these settings until you achieve the desired effect.

Why Use the Dashed Line Effect?

Dashed line effects can make text pop, especially when used in logos, headers, or promotional materials. It adds a touch of creativity and can be particularly effective when aiming for a modern or abstract design aesthetic.


Adobe Illustrator provides a plethora of tools to enhance your designs, and the dashed line effect is just one of them. By understanding the core functionalities, you can experiment and create unique text effects that elevate your designs.