Figma, a popular design tool, offers a plethora of features to enhance collaboration among designers. One such feature is the ability to add comments. Let’s delve into the steps and nuances of using this feature effectively.

What is the Comment Mode in Figma?

When working in Figma, users will notice a comment mode in the toolbar. This mode is specifically designed to facilitate the addition of comments. The last tool in the toolbar represents the comment mode, and its shortcut key is ‘C’. By selecting this tool, users can effortlessly add comments to their designs.

How Can You Add a Comment?

Once the comment mode is activated, users can click anywhere on their design to add a comment. For instance, if a design element appears too large, a comment such as “this is too big” can be added. Additionally, Figma offers the flexibility to include emojis in comments and even mention someone, enhancing the clarity and context of the feedback.

What is the Process of Replying to Comments?

Figma’s comment feature isn’t just about adding feedback; it’s also about engaging in a conversation. Users can click on any comment to reply to it, fostering a back-and-forth dialogue. This is particularly useful when multiple stakeholders are reviewing a design and need to discuss specific elements.

What are the Additional Comment Actions?

Beyond simply adding and replying to comments, Figma offers a range of actions to manage them. Users can mark comments as read or unread, copy content, delete entire threads, or even resolve comments. For instance, if a comment suggests resizing an element and the designer addresses the feedback, they can resolve the comment to indicate that the task is completed.

How to Hide or Display Comments?

Sometimes, designers might want to view their designs without the distraction of comments. Figma provides an option to hide comments using the shortcut ‘Shift + C’. Conversely, the same shortcut can be used to display the comments again. Additionally, Figma allows users to adjust notifications related to comments, ensuring that they stay informed without being overwhelmed.

What if You Want to Exit the Comment Mode?

In case users accidentally enter the comment mode or wish to exit it after adding their feedback, they can simply press the ‘Escape’ key. This ensures a smooth and interruption-free design experience.

In conclusion, Figma’s comment feature is a powerful tool for enhancing collaboration and ensuring that designs are refined based on collective feedback. Whether you’re a designer seeking feedback or a stakeholder providing it, understanding how to effectively use this feature can significantly improve the design process.