WhatsApp has been one of the best means of communication for more than two years now. We can say without exaggeration that it is the most used application on the majority of smartphones. We don’t even realize it, but we end up opening WhatsApp quite often during the day.

But, to be more productive, and to save a lot of time, you can add WhatsApp app shortcut as one of the lock screen apps. This way you will be able to open WhatsApp quickly from the lock screen, saving you valuable time.

The steps are not that important, but most users don’t know if the Phone and Camera apps on the left and right of the lock screen can be changed. Yes, you can select which apps to use as shortcuts on the lock screen instead of the default apps. Here’s how you can customize your lock screen shortcuts on Android.

Add WhatsApp icon to lock screen

Depending on the version of Android and the manufacturer of your device, the steps may vary slightly. That said, you will get an idea of what to do after going through the steps I used here in Galaxy S9 running Android 8.0.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Then select Lock screen / Security.
  3. Next, tap on Apps Shortcuts.
  4. Under App Shortcuts, select the left or right shortcut you want to set for WhatsApp.
  5. On the next screen you will see the list of all applications. Select WhatsApp.

Now lock your phone and when you try to open it next time, you may find WhatsApp as one of the app shortcuts depending on where you added it.

You just have to slide on the WhatsApp icon, enter the access code and launch into your Whatsapp application.

This is certainly a small modification, but it will save you a lot of time. Try it and you will see the difference!