Typography plays a crucial role in design, and adjusting font size is a fundamental aspect of typography. Figma, a widely-used design tool, offers multiple ways to change font size. This guide will walk you through the steps to modify font size in Figma effectively.

What is the Basic Method to Change Font Size?

  1. Select the Text: Click on the text you want to adjust.
  2. Access Text Properties: Once selected, you’ll see the text properties on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Adjust Font Size: Locate the font size option. You can either:
    • Use the dropdown list to select from standardized sizes.
    • Hover over the edge of the text box until a double-ended arrow appears. Click and drag left or right to scale the font size.

What is the Visual Method to Scale Font Size?

If you prefer a more visual approach to adjusting font size, Figma offers a scaling tool:

  1. Select the Text: Click on the text you wish to scale.
  2. Access the Scale Tool: Underneath the move tool, you’ll find the scale tool. The shortcut key for this tool is K.
  3. Scale the Text: With the scale tool activated:
    • Use the modifiers on the right side to scale the text.
    • Alternatively, grab a corner of the text box and drag to scale the font size up or down.


Adjusting font size in Figma is a straightforward process, whether you prefer using the text properties or a more visual approach with the scale tool. By mastering these techniques, you can ensure that your typography aligns perfectly with your design vision.