What is an Artboard in Illustrator?

In Adobe Illustrator, the canvas where you create your designs is referred to as the artboard. Unlike some other graphic design software, Illustrator allows users to have multiple artboards within a single document. This feature provides flexibility, especially when working on projects that require multiple design variations or sizes.

What is the Initial Setup for Artboards?

Before diving into your design, it’s essential to set up your artboard correctly:

  1. Starting a New Document: On the right side of the Illustrator interface, you’ll find options to set the width and height of your artboard. You can adjust these dimensions based on the project’s requirements.
  2. Choosing Templates: Illustrator offers a range of pre-defined templates categorized under mobile, web, print, and more. These templates can be a great starting point, especially if you’re unsure about the dimensions.
  3. Setting Multiple Artboards: Illustrator allows you to work with multiple artboards simultaneously. You can specify the number of artboards you need when setting up a new document.

What is the Process to Modify Artboard Sizes?

Once you’re inside the Illustrator document, you can easily adjust the size of your artboards:

  1. Accessing Artboard Properties: Ensure the properties panel is open on the right side. If not, navigate to Window, then Workspace, and select Essentials.
  2. Entering Edit Artboard Mode: Click on the ‘Edit Artboards’ button in the properties panel or use the shortcut Shift + O. This mode allows you to make changes to your artboards.
  3. Resizing Artboards: Click on an artboard to select it. In the properties panel, you can manually input the desired width and height. Alternatively, you can drag the corners of the artboard to resize it visually.
  4. Adding New Artboards: In the edit artboard mode, you can click and drag anywhere outside the existing artboards to create a new one. You can also use the plus button to add an artboard based on the dimensions of the currently selected one.
  5. Rearranging Artboards: If you have multiple artboards, you can rearrange them based on columns, spacing, and layout. This feature is especially useful when organizing your workspace.

What is the Importance of the “Move Artwork with Artboard” Option?

When resizing or moving an artboard, any artwork on it might move along with it. However, Illustrator provides an option called “Move Artwork with Artboard.” By checking or unchecking this option, you can decide whether the artwork should move with the artboard or stay in its original position.


Adjusting the size of artboards in Adobe Illustrator is a straightforward process, offering designers flexibility and precision in their work. Whether you’re working on a single design or multiple variations, understanding how to modify artboard sizes can enhance your workflow.