What is Aligning to a Key Object in Figma?

In design, aligning objects is crucial for maintaining a clean and organized layout. Figma, a popular design tool, offers various alignment options. However, aligning to a specific key object might not be straightforward. This guide will walk you through the process of aligning to a key object in Figma using a helpful plugin.

What is the Challenge with Default Alignment in Figma?

Suppose you have a rectangle and a piece of text in Figma. If you try to left-align the rectangle with the text using the default alignment options, you might face a challenge. Regardless of the order in which you select the objects, the text might move to align with the rectangle, which is not always the desired outcome.

What is the Solution to this Alignment Challenge?

The solution lies in using a Figma plugin called Align To. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Access Plugins: Go to the Figma dropdown menu and select ‘plugins.’
  2. Find the Align To Plugin: Navigate to ‘more plugins’ and search for the ‘Align To’ plugin.
  3. Install and Run the Plugin: Once you find the plugin, install it. After installation, run the plugin.
  4. Select the Objects: In your Figma workspace, select the objects you want to align. If the plugin doesn’t automatically detect your selection, click on ‘get selection’ within the plugin.
  5. Choose the Key Object: The plugin will display the layers of the selected objects. Choose the object you want to align to (the key object) by clicking on it.
  6. Align: With the key object selected, choose the desired alignment option. For instance, if you want the rectangle to align to the left of the text, select ‘left align.’


Alignment is a fundamental aspect of design, ensuring that elements on a page are organized and aesthetically pleasing. While Figma offers a range of alignment options, aligning to a specific key object requires a bit of assistance. By using the Align To plugin, designers can achieve precise alignment with ease, enhancing the overall design quality.