Instagram, like all other social media platforms, operates under a set of terms and conditions, violation of which could lead to your video being blocked. But don’t despair! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps on how to appeal a blocked video on Instagram and offer advice on avoiding such issues in the future.

Understanding Instagram’s Video Blocking

When Instagram deems that one of our videos infringes its terms of service or copyright rules, the platform may block it. As a result, we receive a notification detailing why the video was blocked and how to appeal this action if we wish to restore it.

How to Rectify a Blocked Video on Instagram

If you abide by the terms and conditions and your video is still blocked, here’s how you can address the issue:

Step 1: Review Your Privacy Settings

Once your video has been blocked, it’s crucial to check the privacy settings for that particular post.

Step 2: Adjust Your Privacy Settings

If your video was private, modifying your privacy settings might be necessary. If your video was public and got taken down, it might be due to violations of community guidelines, copyright infringement, or reports from other users.

Step 3: File an Appeal

You have the right to challenge Instagram’s decision by lodging an appeal, complete with supporting evidence. If Instagram concludes that an error occurred after reviewing your evidence, the video will be restored to your profile. However, if the appeal is unsuccessful, the video will remain blocked.

Instagram’s Review Timeline

Upon filing an appeal, Instagram typically responds within 24 hours, clarifying the reasons behind the blocking of your video. If you have correctly credited the original video owner and have not violated community guidelines, the time frame for Instagram to retract their action and unblock your video remains the same.

Potential Reasons for Instagram Video Blocking

Several factors can lead to a video being blocked on Instagram. If your video or post is blocked, the following reasons could be to blame:

  1. Violation of community guidelines or terms of use.
  2. Issues relating to copyright infringement.
  3. Reports made by other users against your video or post.

Evading Copyright Issues on Instagram

Here are three key strategies to avoid copyright infringements on your Instagram videos:

  1. Avoid posting videos that you didn’t create or have copied from other sources.
  2. Retain written permission from the content owner if you’re publishing their content on your Instagram.
  3. Stay updated on Instagram’s copyright and infringement rules.


In sum, Instagram only blocks your video or post when it violates the platform’s community guidelines or copyright laws. It’s essential to respect these regulations when posting a video, especially if it isn’t your original creation. This precaution allows you to have grounds for an appeal if Instagram unexpectedly blocks your content.


Does Instagram Have Rules to Protect Intellectual Property?

Yes, Instagram has strict rules in place to protect the intellectual property rights of individuals. Any post, video, audio, or written content originally created by someone is deemed their intellectual property by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

How Can I Avoid a Copyright Claim When Posting a Video on Instagram That I Don’t Own?

If you plan on posting a video that someone else created, ensure that you have written permission from the original creator. With this authorization, your video will be protected from challenges. In the event that Instagram still blocks your video, you can file an appeal using your permission as evidence to reinstate it.