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Are you looking for a powerful backlink method for your website that is effective? Well you asked a good question, Because it is one of the most important strategies and methods of driving traffic to your site, promoting your content, improving SEO, and increasing Google’s confidence in your site. It is creating a strong backlink, whether it is free backlink, or buying backlink by using sites that offer the same content as yours or general content.

According to Google’s algorithms, in order for your site to be considered reliable, specialized and worthy of the top of the search engines, the number of sites linked to your site or the so-called backlink is taken into account as a basic criterion in determining the quality and nature of the site, However, after the emergence of Google Penguin, Google became more focused on the quality of backlinks, not the number of many.

So what is Backlink? Is buying a backlink the best option, or is using a free backlink also effective? How to build your backlink correctly? And related questions we will answer or refer to in this article.

What is a backlink?

Backlink is an external backlink (on sites other than yours) that indicates your site using the anchor word and a link to a page on your site, What allows visitors to other sites to navigate to your site by clicking on the anchor word, This procedure falls under (external search engine optimization) because it contributes to bringing in traffic to your site from external sources and which Google considers signals of the importance of the page content on your site.

To simplify the concept further, For example, If we assume that you have a fairly new store and you do a different kind of advertising in the area in which your store is located, Such as placing a number of posters on a number of other stores in the street and the region on which your store name and address are written and other important information about it.

With this process, you put a kind of passion and interrogative signals in the mind of every person who has read these posters to know your shop and what services and products you provide, and thus the visits to you will increase and it is possible to gain a number of customers as a result.

And in the field of websites and the web, Backlink is the number of links and links that link other websites to your website. The more these links link other sites to your website, the more search engines trust your site. Which increases the Page Rank of your website, It also increases its appearance in the first results of search engines, Which ultimately increases the number of visitors to your site.

The difference between helpful backlink and malicious backlink

In addition to useful backlink links to your website that contribute to its appearance on the first results of search engines, There are also a large number of malicious backlink business strategies that can get you penalized and banned from appearing in search engine results.

You may be asking yourself now, How do I distinguish between useful backlink and malicious links? The useful backlink links must meet many conditions, including:

  • Backlink links must be present in the body of the article and not in the comments, for example. Where it is within the main topic.
  • It is important that these links have high credibility and reliability with search engines such as Google.
  • Useful backlink links are often of the Duflo type.
  • Backlink should be multiple, not just one site.
  • It is important to have backlink links that have the same specialty and interest as your website.

Thus, we conclude that in order for you to get a list of useful backlink sites, It is important to be careful not to use random methods that lead to you getting backlink from every site. Whether it is trusted by random search engines or not.

It is important to remember that the stronger your backlink, the higher your website will be. So always look for the quality of backlink links in addition to the quality of the sites that put backlink links for you, not just the number.

The importance of backlink work for your site

The search engine will understand through the strength and number of backlink that refers to your site from other sites that your article or page is important for visitors, and therefore it will trust your site and pass the authority from these sites to you and improve your site’s ranking in search engines, especially if those sites are reliable and specialized and meet certain technical conditions We’ll talk about it.

Notice: A theoretically paid backlink is not acceptable to Google, But in practice, Google and all its algorithms cannot determine it and know if it is paid or not, Therefore, it is normal even if it is paid or backlink is free.

If the keywords that you want to be published in the search results are not of high competition, Do not use backlink. Save it for highly competitive words only and instead make your content unique and informative

Types of backlink

There are 3 basic types: (External backlink topping, External backlink help, Backlink procedure), And you have to use them all in order to be reliable with Google . Here are the details:

External backlink topping

It is the most important type of backlink as it helps promote your content on sites related to your topic to get a strong backlink, which is The topic of our article today. Post on trusted sites that are sites in the same field as your site or on social media sites moderately and without excess in order not to ban your account because it will be considered Spam.

And in the event that the site owner charges an amount for publishing an article with a backlink to your site, Make sure that his site has more than 300 visitors per day at least by requesting access to his Google Analytics or through the Semrush tool, and this is the most difficult type of backlink due to the presence of an element of fear of competition by the site that will put an external backlink from his site to your site, But you will definitely find a chance, and it is enough to have 5 permanent backlinks from this type of website, If it increases, then it is good and a blessing, and if it does not increase it is sufficient.

And do not forget to use the important keywords Anchors in these articles so that they clearly express the content of your site page and have a high search volume.

External backlink auxiliary

Links related to the article that are incorporated into specific words that are not necessarily important keywords to lead the reader to external sites or tools that help him understand the topic, It makes your article trustworthy with Google and helps it rank in the same category as those sites.

Use it sincerely for the sake of visitors to the article even if it is not on your site, but this article itself has an external link that leads to your site, and therefore you must deal with the content of the article with the same quality that you do on your site articles or the content of your site in general, In order to improve the user experience, sites must be really powerful, such as a news source from a reliable news site, a scientific magazine, or a research center, so its name is an external help because it is located in the same article but does not refer to your site, but rather increases the reliability of the article that contains the backlink that leads to your site.

Backlink indoor

Internal backlinks embedded within certain keywords to lead to other previous related articles within your blog or site itself, and thus everything is under your control. It is not the topic of our article today. But to clarify, They are links within words that benefit the visitor to expand them in another article on your site as well. Like what I will do now, I advise you to read the SEO method for electronic stores. If you click on it, it will take you to another article on my site. I think it’s very straightforward.

This type of internal links benefits even search engines to improve your ranking, and you are never underestimated by it, and I will expand it in an article dedicated to creating internal links, In principle only use it moderately and do not exceed more than 4 internal links in a single article, so that it does not appear to be manipulating with search engines, and let the words used to link between articles are the words that you want to improve their ranking and at the same time honest words about the content that you will take the visitor to because his bounce from the second article when he detects your manipulation It will be read by Google and will not be a good thing 🙂

Is backlink enough to export search results?

No, of course not enough. Before knowing how to build a backlink, you should know that the content of your website is the most important of all other factors. Take into account these matters so that your trouble and money are not useless, The basis is your site:

  • Improve the quality of the content that you present on your site, Good content acquires backlinks naturally without hassle or expense.
  • Focus on improving your on-page SEO.
  • Do not use numbers, long sentences, or special characters in links to your articles and headlines.
  • Fix your invalid links by checking them with this great free tool Dead Link Checker And then fix it yourself or send the report to the programmer to do it for you.
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes after completing your article, Do you find yourself reading a helpful article? This is how you judge the quality of the content before it is published.

Types of backlink

How to get free backlink of all kinds

1- Social Backlinks

Some may think that social networks are limited to 5 sites and they are known to all, But in fact there are more than 500 social media networks for online marketing. I mentioned this type of backlink because it is basic and safe and there are no restrictions on its percentage from the total backlinks that your site gets, And you must get it before any other backlink.

It means that whether you are the owner of a new site or an old site and you have not taken this step, you must build a social backlink because it increases the credibility of your DA site and has a great impact on improving the ranking of all keywords on your site.

This type of backlinks falls under the branding backlinks category, meaning that it must contain one keyword, which is the name of your project or site, Example (Go Start Business) is my website name. This type of backlink increases trust flow and is denoted as TF, as assessed by Majestic.

I think you will ask yourself, So what’s the point if I don’t use important keywords that get me traffic? Simply, Beware that you do this because Google algorithms can distinguish social sites and will not give importance to any Anchor Text keyword other than the brand name of your site. And just using your trade name increases the strength of the rest of the words on your site automatically because of the increase in authority from the point of view of Google and not any other SEO tool.

How do I get a social backlink? Either you open accounts manually, which is very tiring and consumes a lot of time, Or as easily as you can Request it from Fiverr And you get more than 100 safe and effective social backlinks for just $ 20. I use this service for all of my sites and clients and it gives great results.

2- Site Directory

The second most important type of safe and effective backlinks in improving your site’s word ranking in general and improving the citation flow or what is symbolized by CF according to the Majestic index, They are sites that display indexed lists that classify sites and arrange them in terms of similarity, subject matter, and strength, And sometimes you find it in the form of sections within large sites.

It allows you to have a backlink by getting a strong backlink that improves the order of your words in the geographical area in which you are active, The best way for it is to purchase it from specialists in publishing on the guide sites. Adding them is also tiring and time consuming. But whether you are the one who will do this task or buy the service for a fee, You have to make sure Add your site to the site directory in the following way:

  • Choose the section that corresponds to the field of your content, Then enter a short description of your location, then your geographical address with the name of the city and street, And use appropriate keywords that express your activity without going into details.
  • It is better to not exceed the percentage of backlinks for directories of 15% of the total backlink of your site, Most of the time, this is achieved even without studying the ratios, because you will not need more than 20 to 50 directory sites in which to submit your site, and every more than 50 backlink my directory becomes suspicious, so do not covet it, and focus on the quality of the information provided on the guide sites and not the number.
  • If your target audience is in the Arab countries, you should include your site in an Arabic site directory such as Raddadi And the Dm0z And the Dalil Info And others, by searching on Google for Arabic site directories, And you often send your site data to add it for free. And if you want an easy solution for $ 10, you can add your site to 21 Saudi and Arab directory sites using This service is from Fiverr It’s awesome, and I’ve used it many times.

3- Blog Comment

The easiest way to backlink for your website, Just leave a comment with your article link on sites that offer content related to your content, I do not much prefer this method because often all content management programs used in sites that allow comments use a tag for any link in the comments called UGC, and this tag tells Google that this link was not included by the site management, but was included by one of the visitors. Therefore, in order for the backlink to be strong and avoid deleting it, you must Take care On :

  • Choose only sites that are relevant to the content you are providing.
  • So that your comment is not deleted by the webmaster, make your comment useful and provide an addition to his topic that he wrote, then add the link to your article.
  • Avoid backlinking for your site in sites that have a lot of backlinks due to the great competition and which Google considers backlinks Farm.
  • Avoid getting backlink comments on sites whose language differs from the language of your site or your target audience (this applies to the blog comment only).

And the way to get a blog comment link is as follows:

In the Google search engine, write the phrase “Leave a comment” or “Leave a comment” next to it and next to it the keyword around which the topic of your article or your site revolves. Let’s say, for example, “Google AdSense earnings”. You will see in the search engine results the most important of these sites and you have to choose between them according to Domain’s evaluation Authority and Spam Score.

You can find this out at this site In order not to include your comment with Backlink on weak sites or farms with backlinks, So that the DA is not less than 10 and the SS is not more than 30, and there is no limit to the number of comments, but avoid the flames of this type and then extinguish them, That is, do not do this fraudulently within two days in large quantities and then stop, Be natural and use it when you find a suitable opportunity in a suitable article to leave an appropriate comment. Make everything fit at the right time.

4- Buying a backlink for your global High DA website

It is not available for everyone, but you can add a strong backlink to your site with the articles of those sites, provided that your content is of quality and exclusive, It has two types:

  • Do Follow Links BackLink Doflo: An external backlink increases the confidence of search engines on your site when you add a backlink to your site on global sites that have a large domain authority, But Using it in the wrong way lowers the degree of confidence in your site, and Google search spiders consider the large number of these links a fraud if you use the same Anchor Text repeatedly. And in the event that the site on which you placed BackLink Doflo is subject to penalties by Google, your site will also be harmed.
  • No Follow links, Novolo LinkAn external link does not increase the confidence of search engines on your site when you add backlink to your site on global sites that have a large domain authority unlike BackLink Duflo, but it will help you to bring a large number of visitors to your site through social networking sites, and getting BackLink Novolo is easy compared to BackLink Duflo. Therefore, do not put Novello Blacklink on sites that do not have a lot of visits, you will not benefit from them much.

5- Backlinks Forums Forum Backlinks

Leave a comment with your article link on forums that offer content related to your content, through which you can access your site. Using a site DropMyLink Do:

  • Open a free account, Then enter the keyword for your article or site in the search bar on the website interface, then choose Forums Back Links in the same Category field
  • In FootPrint choose VBulletin, then click Search, then choose Large forums, especially according to their Domain Authority +10 DA, Spam score is less than 30% SS.

If you don’t have the time or find it difficult, You can order 200 backlink service from Arab forums for $ 10 Who is this young man on Fiverr And I personally dealt with it several times and it was a useful experience, and one of it was for my site, on which you read my article.

6- Guest Post

One of the best and oldest strategies for building a backlink for your site is by purchasing a backlink, meaning that it is not usually free, but this does not negate the existence of some blogs that accept high-quality articles for free, And accordingly, publish an article on a specific site related to your content after paying him an amount of money to display it and refer to your site and its source. The backlink tag must be here Do Follow in order to benefit from it and be in the following way:

  • You can find sites from your domain that accept publishing your articles for money using Google so that they appear for you by typing the following in the Google search box with text symbols and just replace the domain name word with the domain you are looking for “Write us” + domain name This method is useful because it is added by the owners of these sites to attract content writers who want to create a backlink for your site via the guest post, Or use a tool Ahrefs’ Content Explorer
  • You can also just search for sites related to your content and show them the matter, Because most of the sites are open even if you don’t authorize it.
  • Make Anchor Text match the most important keywords for your website.

7- Press Release

It is one of the most important types of backlink and is done once upon establishment or renewal or upon adding a new feature or new product, Thus, the number of times of publication does not exceed more than once every 6 months and is based on the principle of publishing a newspaper article about your site and the news that you want to be included in a news that includes one or more keywords with Backlink and Syndication works with all other press sites that publish news of the main newspaper. Okay, This type of course must be bought exclusively and cannot be done manually, And this service You can order it from Fiverr, too . Or search on Google using words like Newswire, Presswire, or Arabnewswire

8- Free strong backlinks from selected sites

I advise you to create accounts on these very powerful sites and they are not included in any of the services and types that I have presented in the previous types and include your site while establishing your accounts with it:


Google tips for getting backlink the right way

Google has released a statement regarding a mechanism to distinguish a healthy backlink from a fraud, explaining it Here I, in turn, will rewrite it in Arabic in a more understandable way:

Do not overuse important keywords in BackLink Do Follow

Do not use the keywords that you want to improve their ranking in the search engines a lot in the backlinks that you create, For example, you want to improve word order. Best SEO Consultant “The article talks about SEO, Well, you have chosen a suitable keyword for the content and you are entitled to use it as Exact Match Anchors. But it’s not reasonable to get 10 backlink and they all use the same keyword. “ Best SEO Consultant “Because Google is able to distinguish this behavior as fraud or manipulation, and thus the result is the opposite of what you expected.”

So what is the right behavior for utilizing backlinks to improve task word ranking?

Proper and legitimate behavior in an example: Assuming you will build 10 backlink for this article Assuming that the most important, most researched and most difficult word is “ Best SEO Consultant Then you must:

  • To use an Exact Match Anchor such as “ Best SEO Consultant “In a link, only one of them
  • Uses Partial Exact Match Anchor SEO Consultant in Saudi Arabia – Go Start Business In a second backlink.
  • Branded Anchor is used as “ Go Start Business In a third backlink.
  • The remaining 7 keywords are used in the same pattern so that none of them are identical to the other, and try to use general words such as “click here” “read more”
  • And also use naked link without a word like

Thus you have ensured his process is correct to get BackLink friendly to Google

Do not have a lot of sites that contain a backlink for your site

  1. Suppose we have a page that has 20 backlinks from 5 different sites, and thus, on average, each site sends 4 backlinks to the same page on your site.
  2. On the other hand, we have a page with 20 links from 20 different sites, and thus each site sends one back link to your page.

Best is the first option (Few external sites that send multiple backlinks)

Do not underestimate the quality of the article content that contains backlink

It does not mean that the article that you will publish on other sites is intended for backlink only, so you make its content empty, trivial, or meaningless. Google can distinguish the content that sends a backlink signal to your site, whether it is fraudulent content or real useful content. Make sure that the articles published on external sites that contain backlinks to a page on your site are good and have useful content for the reader as well.

Do not publish the same article that contains BackLink on more than one site

Do not publish the same article on more than one website. If it is difficult for you to write a unique article for each external site, you can use rel = canonical technology and be the first published article that Canonical refers to on the principle of Syndication?

Do not exceed the amount of buying Back Link 5 per week

If your site is new (so that you are normal and Google algorithms don’t catch you). Start the first week with a 5 backlink, the second 8, and the third 15, and then gradually reduce the backlinks.

There is no minimum in social media to get BackLink

Get comfortable with social media. No matter how many links there are, it is not considered fraudulent, and so many are useful either.

We invite you to consider all of the above about how to build your backlink in the correct way and at the lowest cost, a simple guide and golden and exclusive instructions, There are more than 60 ways to get backlink types, whether it is free backlink or buying backlink, and many details cannot be explained all in one article, and often it is not useful to all website owners, Here is this site that I relied on to build backlinks (backlink) and find it the least expensive and best of the backlink sites

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