Adobe Illustrator offers a plethora of tools for creating and manipulating designs. While the Pen Tool is a popular choice for many, there’s a simpler way to bend lines without diving into anchor points or the complexities of the Pen Tool. Let’s explore this method.

Understanding Paths and Anchor Points

In Illustrator, a path is essentially a connection between two anchor points. You can visualize this as a line segment. This line or path can be filled with a stroke, and in our example, we’re using a stroke of 20 points with rounded ends.

The Magic of the Anchor Point Tool

While the Pen Tool is known for its versatility, the Anchor Point Tool, found within the Pen Tool’s dropdown, offers a unique feature:

  1. Selecting the Tool: Click and hold on the Pen Tool to reveal the Anchor Point Tool.
  2. Bending the Path: Hover over the path, and you’ll notice the cursor changes. This indicates you can bend the line. Simply click and drag on the path to start bending it.
  3. Precision with Shift: Holding down the ‘Shift’ key while bending ensures the anchor points remain aligned, offering a more uniform bend.
  4. Multiple Bends: You’re not restricted to a single bend. You can click and drag at different sections of the path to create multiple bends, allowing for intricate designs.

Conclusion: Embracing Simplicity in Design

Bending lines in Illustrator doesn’t always require a deep understanding of the Pen Tool or anchor points. With the Anchor Point Tool, you can quickly and effortlessly create dynamic paths, enhancing your designs with ease.