AliExpress is a 100% secure website, but with the vast amount and variety of items sold on the platform, it’s normal to have doubts about what we’re buying. Fortunately, detecting a fake product on AliExpress is not complicated as there are clear signs that reveal the seller’s intentions. In this article, we will explain, in a clear and simple way, how to tell if a product on AliExpress is fake.

Check the Store’s Reputation

The reputation of the store is a key factor in detecting fake products on AliExpress. You can check the rating of the store by hovering over its name, as shown in the image below. Here, you’ll see the seller’s detailed rating, including their customer reviews about the item’s condition, communication with the store, and shipping speed. It’s evident that we shouldn’t trust any store with a rating below four stars, even four and a half stars.

If you want to see more detailed reviews of the product, scroll down to the bottom of the description, and you can read them at your leisure. The reviews may also include photos of the product, giving you a clearer idea of what others who ordered the same product received. Additionally, another clue that reveals if a store is trustworthy or not is how long it has been in business. A store like Ugreen, which has been open on AliExpress since 2010, will be more reliable than one that opened in January of this year.

Beware of Deals That Seem Too Good to Be True

If you see a ridiculously discounted item on AliExpress, especially if its original price is very high and it has just been released, it’s almost certain that it’s a fake product. This applies not only to AliExpress but also to any other online store like Amazon. Never trust incredible bargains without checking the store’s reputation and the product description. However, it’s better to save up or buy a product that you can afford instead of getting scammed.

Compare the Product Photos

When you find the desired product on AliExpress, carefully look at the seller’s photos. Even in the consumer reviews, you can see the photos they attach. Now, compare them with the official photos of the product and detect any possible differences. In fact, it’s better to check the official product photos because the seller can place original photos to deceive buyers.

Take Advantage of AliExpress Marketplace

AliExpress Marketplace is a section within AliExpress that provides several advantages to buyers. If you buy a product within AliExpress Marketplace, you’re guaranteed to buy it from sellers with their own warehouse within your country, which saves you from customs and provides Spanish guarantee. Not to mention that you could have the item at your doorstep in about three days.

When returning a product if it doesn’t meet your expectations or if you suspect that you’ve been scammed, you may have a bit more luck with AliExpress Marketplace than with regular AliExpress. If you find a Spanish seller, the return process will be much faster. However, some sellers on AliExpress Marketplace have their warehouses located outside of Spain, which can make the return process tedious.

Beware of Replicas

Sometimes, the seller may not be deceiving anyone. The product’s description may indicate that it’s a replica or very similar to branded products. In this case, you may mistake it for the original product. To avoid this, always read the product description thoroughly.


AliExpress is a safe platform, but it’s still important to take precautions when shopping online. By checking the store’s reputation, being wary of incredible bargains, comparing product photos, taking advantage of AliExpress Marketplace, and avoiding replicas, you can ensure a satisfying shopping experience on Ali Marketplace.