On social media, you’ve undoubtedly come across the symbol or sign of the hashtag #, commonly referred to as “sharp” in English. It’s simpler and more fun to express ideas with this hash sign that is placed at the beginning of texts and highlights certain expressions in comparison to the whole content. This symbol was born on Twitter (X) and Google+.

Its usage has expanded since its inception on Facebook and Instagram, and the hashtag or “sharp” has become a trendy symbol, extensively used online.

Subscribers of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google use this symbol at will to tag individuals, companies, events, and more, replacing the arrow sign. Using hashtags is trendy, hip, and fashionable.

Unfortunately, it’s not present on all keyboards; the hashtag or “sharp” key is missing from some Windows and Mac computers. However, the key is usually not found on a Mac keyboard, so how to type it in a text, a post, or content for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?

Why use hashtags in posts?

How to create a hashtag on a PC for your social media posts?

This is not just a question of presentation. This symbol acts as a filter categorizing posts on a specific topic. When we post a video on Instagram, the keyword is always preceded by # so that it can be referenced and easily visible to our followers.

By clicking on the hashtag, the subscriber opens a shortcut to land on a virtual space, a page where all posts related to this keyword are found. In addition to displaying a list of posts grouped on a single page, there’s also the option to search by hashtag. It’s the best way to showcase a video, an image, or places using the hashtag key or “sharp.”

The Importance of Using Hashtags

On Instagram, using the hashtag shortcut at the beginning or left of a text or content is essential. In the description of your photos, when you precede a word with the “sharp” symbol, the post will be classified in a specific category. This plan will make it appear in the search results of subscribers for the keywords they insert in their search bar. You cannot hide this content selection in this case.

The hashtag symbol is known as a keyword playing a significant role in your marketing strategy. Creating a hashtag on Windows and Mac PCs effectively helps you control your web posts, boost your visibility on Instagram, and monitor trends.

When to Use the Hashtag Option on Instagram?

You should not use the hashtag at every opportunity. It requires certain mastery and in-depth knowledge to position yourself well with hashtags #.

So, when to use a hashtag, “sharp,” or the symbol: #?

  • When searching for events and any other post on Instagram. For example, type #pizzeria without space to find a pizzeria or #photographerparis if you’re looking for a professional photographer in Paris;
  • When posting photos and videos on social media, the selected word will appear in bold on the screen;
  • To get more likes and gain more followers on Instagram;
  • When you want to position yourself on a particular theme;
  • When you want to increase your visibility on Instagram and on the web in your field of activity;

How to Create a Hashtag on a Smartphone Keyboard?

Even though the “sharp” key is indeed available on the Android keyboard, it’s always necessary to know how to create a hashtag on a smartphone. When you’re out with friends or family, you take photos that you want to share with your community. So, select the # key and precede the word you want to tag with the symbol #. It must always be placed at the beginning or to the left of the word.

On a smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS, you find the # symbol in the special characters. Press the button to display the numeric character tab, press it again until you see the special characters, including the sharp sign. After tagging your photos, all that’s left is to post them.

How to Create a Hashtag on a Mac Keyboard?

You’re probably wondering how to create a hashtag on a Mac keyboard? The # key is not always visible on the keyboard of some devices, especially if you have a QWERTY keyboard. However, using the hashtag will be very frequent on Instagram and Facebook to illustrate your posts.

On a Mac, this symbol is obtained through a combination of keys. Hold down the Shift key (arrow pointing up), then press the @ pad on your keyboard. For beginners, the Shift key is located below the CAPS LOCK key and above the CTRL key on your keyboard if it’s an AZERTY keyboard. If you’ve already written the text, remember to place your cursor to the left of the word to highlight then press the Shift keys (arrow pointing up under the CAPS LOCK key) + @ on the keyboard.

On a Mac QWERTY keyboard, press the Alt key, in the same row as the CTRL key, at the same time as 3. To summarize, press the Alt + 3 keys. Note that you should not select the concerned text, you also need to place the cursor at the beginning, to the left of the word before pressing these keys.

In case the # symbol remains unfound, follow these steps:

  • Go to the start menu on your Mac
  • Go to the “System Preferences” tab in the menu
  • Click on “Keyboard and input method”.
  • Check the box “Show input menu” in the menu bar.
  • You will find the “sharp” # symbol used for the hashtag.

How to Create a Hashtag on a PC?

Don’t know how to create a hashtag with your PC keyboard? Here’s the answer to your question.

With a Windows PC, unlike the Mac, it’s easier to find the hashtag or # character. To insert it, press the Alt GR and 3 keys simultaneously. This key is aligned with the Alt keys and the spacebar. You place this symbol in front of your selected keyword to get a hashtag on your Instagram post.

To summarize:

· Shortcuts for Mac: press Shift + @ (AZERTY keyboard) or press Alt + 3 simultaneously (QWERTY keyboard)

· Shortcuts for PC: Alt GR + 3

The use of hashtags is very useful for referencing your posts, your paragraph of text, and your Instagram account. Creating a hashtag on a keyboard is very simple, whether you use a smartphone, a Windows PC, or even a Mac.