Figma, a prominent design tool, offers a multitude of features for designers to craft intricate designs. One such feature, which might seem simple but can be quite versatile, is the ability to create a quarter circle. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to craft a quarter circle in Figma without the need for editing anchor points.

Creating a Quarter Circle in Figma

  1. Starting with the Ellipse Tool: The first step is to create a circle. Use the shortcut key ‘O’ for the ellipse tool. If you’re navigating manually, you’ll find the ellipse tool under the rectangle tool. Click on the down arrow to access it.
  2. Drawing the Circle: Draw an ellipse on your canvas. To ensure it’s a perfect circle and not skewed, hold down the ‘Shift’ key while drawing.
  3. Adjusting the Arc: Once you’ve drawn the circle, hover over it. You’ll notice a small dot, which represents the arc of the circle. By clicking and dragging this dot, you can adjust the sweep of the circle. Dragging it to different positions will give you a three-quarter circle, half circle, and a quarter circle. You’ll feel it lock into each of these positions, ensuring precision.
  4. Checking the Percentage: On the design tab, you can see the percentage of the arc. For a quarter circle, it should be at -25%.
  5. Rotating the Quarter Circle: If you want the quarter circle in a different orientation, you can rotate it. Click on the arc’s starting point and drag it to your desired position.
  6. Adjusting the Ratio: Figma also allows you to adjust the circle’s ratio. By dragging the center point, you can create an arc shape, offering more design flexibility.
  7. Creating a Three-Quarter Circle: By dragging the arc in the opposite direction, you can craft a three-quarter circle, giving you another design variation.


Creating a quarter circle in Figma is a straightforward process, but the tool’s versatility ensures that designers have ample room for creativity. Whether you’re designing icons, infographics, or any other element that requires circular shapes, Figma’s ellipse tool offers a range of options. So, the next time you’re working on a design in Figma and need a quarter circle, remember these steps for a seamless design experience.