Given the widespread popularity of both TikTok and Chromebooks, it’s no surprise that many users are keen to merge the two together. Although the compatibility isn’t seamless, there are still ways to make the most out of TikTok on your Chromebook.

The Marriage of Chromebook and TikTok

Before diving in, it’s worth understanding the relationship between TikTok and Chromebook. The Chromebook, a product of Google’s innovation launched in 2011, offers a user-friendly interface and a plethora of features designed for convenience. On the other hand, TikTok, a more recent invention from 2017, is primarily a mobile-focused platform.

These two pieces of tech may have been created with different purposes, but they can work together in certain ways. While it’s not possible to record and post directly on TikTok from your Chromebook, there are workarounds that can bridge the gap. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading TikTok and exploring its features on your Chromebook.

Step 1: Installing the TikTok App on Your Chromebook

Getting TikTok on your Chromebook is relatively straightforward, mirroring the process of downloading an app on a mobile device.

  1. Open the Chromebook App Store.
  2. Enter “TikTok” into the search bar and click on the search button.
  3. Once on the TikTok app page, select “Add to Chromebook” to download and install TikTok.
  4. Launch the TikTok application after installation.

Once you’ve opened the application, you can log in or register and start enjoying your favorite TikTok videos. Remember, if your Chromebook has a touchscreen, the TikTok app will be much easier to navigate.

Step 2: Recording a TikTok on a Chromebook

Sadly, TikTok currently doesn’t support video recording and posting directly from the app on your Chromebook. While you can view and enjoy videos, you won’t be able to post any of your own. Hopefully, TikTok will soon address this and make it accessible across multiple device types.

Step 3: Making a Video and Uploading It to TikTok

However, all is not lost. Your Chromebook’s built-in camera enables you to record a video which can be uploaded to the web version of TikTok.

How to Record a Video on Your Chromebook:

  1. Open the app launcher in the lower left corner of your Chromebook.
  2. Type “Camera” in the search bar, then select the Camera application.
  3. The camera opens in photo mode by default. Switch to video mode by clicking the Video button on the right side.
  4. Press the circular red button to start recording.
  5. When you’re done recording, click the button again to stop.
  6. Open the gallery icon in the bottom right corner of the camera app to view the recorded video.

How to Upload Your Video to TikTok:

  1. Open your Chromebook browser and go to the TikTok website or click here to login.
  2. Click the Download button in the upper right corner of your feed; this will take you to your Chromebook’s library.
  3. Choose the video you want to upload to TikTok.
  4. Click Next and publish the video.

Congrats! Your video is now on TikTok.

Step 4: Saving TikTok Videos on Your Chromebook

You can also save interesting TikTok videos to your Chromebook as you would on your mobile device. This process requires a video downloader extension. For this guide, we’ll use the By Click downloader.

How to Download and Install By Click Downloader on Your Chromebook:

  1. Open the Chromebook App Store.
  2. Enter “By Click Downloader” into the search bar and click on the search button.
  3. Once on the downloader app page, select “Add to Chromebook” to download and install the downloader.
  4. Launch the downloader application once the installation is complete.

How to Save a TikTok Video on Your Chromebook:

  1. Open your TikTok app and find the video you want to save.
  2. Hover over the share icon to the right of the video, which will bring up a list of options.
  3. Click on “Copy link” to copy the video link.
  4. Go back to the downloader.
  5. Click the “Paste URL” button to paste the video link into the downloader.
  6. Click the download button to save it to your Chromebook library.

Once downloaded, you can watch the video from your gallery library on your Chromebook anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record a live video on TikTok with my Chromebook?

No, currently you can’t record live video or upload video directly from your Chromebook to your TikTok account.

Does the Chromebook have a camera?

Yes, the Chromebook is equipped with an integrated camera which allows you to record and save photos.

Can I install TikTok on my school Chromebook?

You’ll need to download a chrome VPN, then install a TikTok extension. But remember, like with a regular Chromebook, you can’t record video or go live on TikTok.

Wrapping It Up

Chromebooks and TikTok have a large, overlapping user base, and the need to make them more compatible is more apparent than ever. This guide will hopefully help you navigate the world of TikTok on your Chromebook, allowing you to install TikTok, record videos, and upload your creations to your TikTok account.

So, while the experience may not be perfect, it’s definitely doable, and we hope this guide aids in making your favorite app more accessible on your go-to device. Enjoy!