I was fortunate enough to be invited to Samsung’s headquarters in central London, ahead of ‌the Samsung unpacked event in Korea. I had the chance to check ⁤out two of their ⁤most anticipated devices, the Samsung Galaxy Z45 ⁤ and the Z Flip 5. This up close and personal experience allowed me to fully examine the design and new color options of these exciting new releases.

New Color Options and Design

The range of colors⁢ for the new Samsung devices includes, Cream, Icy Blue (which is ⁤my new favorite), and the classic Phantom Black. One of the first noticeable upgrades is the closing ‌of the gap. This prevents items such as bank or ⁢parking ticket cards from being stuck between the two screens ⁢- something that most ⁤of us have unfortunately experienced.

Other significant upgrades to the design are the dimensions and weight. The new fold devices are 2.4 millimeters thinner and 10 grams lighter than previous models. At a ​glance, these changes may not be quite as noticeable, however, I found them to be quite remarkable when actually holding the device.

Superior Sound and Durability

Even though the ⁣speaker grilles⁤ on the Z45 appear smaller, don’t be fooled – they produce a sound that is louder than the previous Z-fold 4 speakers. In terms of durability, the front and back of the device are fortified with Gorilla Glass‍ Victus, ​the frame is made of armor aluminum with a dual rail hinge capable ‍of enduring up to 200,000 folds.

Invisible⁤ Upgrades

Other incredible upgrades won’t be visible to the eye, such as the revamped cooling chamber ​that has been enlarged to 38% more than⁤ its predecessor. Together with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 4‍ Galaxy, you can expect‍ this ⁢device to offer better power efficiency, advanced AI, and outstanding image processing abilities.

Camera Module Redesign

The camera module has been reshaped to reflect the look of the S23 ultra range with a floating lens style. The LED position is now placed slightly off the center to the ‌side, and the cameras include⁣ 12 megapixel Ultra, 50 megapixel primary with OIS, and a 10 megapixel 3x telephoto.

Display ⁢and Crease Improvements

The ⁤crease issue, characteristic of foldable phones, has⁤ been slightly improved with ‌this new launch. The crease is slightly less aggressive compared to the Z-fold 4. The interior display of the device is now 350 nits brighter, thanks to the larger‌ cooling chamber and‌ the new ​chipset which allow for more power to ⁢be put into delivering a more efficient display.

Stay tuned for my full review where I’ll put the battery life and ⁤other features of these new fold devices to the test!