How to design and create a professional online store from scratch – a comprehensive guide

Create an online store
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I do not hide from you that establishing an online store is one of the most successful and profitable projects (in the long run). And setting up an online store is somewhat easy if some thoughtful ideas are available and served with sincerity and with the mentality of gaining customer loyalty at the expense of profit at the beginning. If the starting point is from this base, then success is a foregone conclusion. I am talking to you from personal experience.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to start creating a professional online store from scratch based on my practical experience and examples, So that you have all the steps you need to start your online business in e-commerce

The concept of electronic commerce

Although there are clear and noticeable differences between starting a business electronically on the Internet and starting an actual business on the ground, However, there are also a number of similarities between them, as we shall discuss later. You will follow a number of planning and legal steps that are somewhat similar to the process of establishing a normal store. And once the business actually starts running your online store, You will see how the concept of e-commerce is different from the regular store and you may face greater challenges. Therefore, I advise you to not hesitate to consult specialists or contact us when you face any questions or dilemmas that we did not mention in this article.

We would like to warn before starting work on establishing an online store that most of the well-known electronic stores sell products that you do not own. That is, it is an intermediary platform, but its fame has prompted product agents and factories to rush to the owners of these stores to display their products and provide large discounts and thus higher profits for the owners of e-commerce platforms, Here, too, a concept emerges

What are the advantages of an online store project?

It is not always easy to learn how to start an e-business unless you have a previous background in programming, design, marketing, and creating an online store. But by taking one step at a time, You can make the process more manageable and set up your online store and it works fairly quickly.

add to that, There are a lot of advantages to starting an e-commerce business over a traditional business:

  • The initial investment is much less than any project with a real headquarters and large frontline employees
  • You can start with large or small business size and often the end of a small start is large
  • Your online store can operate 24/7 nationwide
  • The easiest and least expensive to expand operations if needed later

What is the first step before establishing an online store?

The first step begins with establishing any online store By research and study Just as if you start building a restaurant or supermarket and are looking for a great location, food options, and other various details, So before anything else, You need to make sure and decide on Determine the specialty of e-business That suits you.

You will need to think about exactly what your e-commerce business has to offer before setting up an online store.

For example: Will you sell products or services? If you sell products, Is it physical or digital? Where do you source your products? Does it serve individuals or companies? We will go into all these details, Follow us.

Create a business model for an online store project

So that you can determine the appropriate specialty for your online store on you, above all Create a commercial business model for the electronic store project , And I advise you By starting in a major you are already experienced in In order to put your foot on the first steps of success, to distinguish between your competitors, and to reduce costs, time and fatigue.

Just think about what I did before? In restaurants? If I make your store specializing in home, industrial or kitchen catering equipment. As I did, My experience was in dental supplies so I established Dental supplies store in Saudi Arabia, Dental Market And, thanks to God, it has become the number 1 store in this field in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, You will need to think more broadly during this process: How will you communicate your products or services to your customers? How much will the start-up and business cost? Are there legal regulations or licenses for the online store or for your product or service? All this information and steps are detailed in an article Business model design Go to the article and start with it before anything else. Working without a plan means failure.

Steps to create a professional online store

It’s like an actual storefront on the street, Your website will be a frontend for your business. It is the first thing your customers will see and use to browse and buy your products or services. With that in mind, One of the most important parts of starting your e-commerce business in order to provide a good user experience from the first time will be setting up your online store with high professionalism. This is because the customer that you lose from the start most likely will not visit your site again.

After you review the legal procedures required to license e-commerce activity in your country, You will start creating a professional online store, Here are the steps:

1) Choose the domain and the name of the online store

Once your online store business plan has been approved, The next step for creating a professional online store is choosing a name for the store, just like any other business, you will need to choose a distinguished name. The name must also clearly indicate what your activity or specialty is, or what you offer to clients.

The site / domain name should be easy to memorize as a tradename and not necessarily the site address (Domain), but if the name is saved from the customer, it will be easy to call it by searching on Google by the trade name or the Brand Name as we call it in the world of marketing.

For example, you may not know how to write my address, but if you type its name in Google search Go Start Business “You will find it in the first results. Therefore, choose a name that is easy to remember and memorize, regardless of the domain name letters.

Another example site It is clearly a market devoted to dentistry. Adopt simplicity and domain names that are not as long as possible so that the length of the domain does not exceed 12 characters for considerations related to SEO and to increase the customer’s feeling of confidence, Not all customers have sufficient awareness to analyze complex names or know what a store is.

It will be helpful to check if the domain name of your potential business is available. If your domain name is currently in use, You can think of a different business name or search for a different suffix available such as:

yourbusiness .com Or yourbusiness .net Or yourbusiness. shop

Actually, the suffix does not interest you (marked in red), but you care about the name of the site (before the suffix) more so that search engines can determine your ranking to show search results related to the content of your site on the first pages and recently there are many suffixes that you can find and book easily and for only $ 10 A year through GoDaddy website As shown in the picture:

domain search godaddy

2) Choose a suitable hosting company for an online store

You must choose a suitable hosting company that provides speed in browsing the site, a very important element in setting up an online store, You do not want the customer to come and go out bored by the slow pace of the site or because of its stoppage and the emergence of pages indicating that the site is not working now, Mostly, the visitor will not come back.

I highly recommend Name Chip hosting company and reserve Name Chip domains and I personally rely on it. Its rent is low, always connected, fast, and server capabilities can be upgraded as needed at any time

Shared Hosting with Namecheap

3) Design the logo and colors of the online store

Now is the time to define the color identity and logo, which is the most beautiful part of the design stages of the online store. Your shop logo, logo colors, and website should be in harmony and be simple, It indicates the activity of the company, And unique, Minimalist is the best type of logo for online stores.

Dental Market

4) Choose the best program for the online store

Although there are hundreds of e-commerce platforms available in the market, I recommend using OpenCart open-source code when setting up a professional online store to keep the cost of development low. We have designed several large online stores and we are still supervising them, and they work very efficiently and their basis was based on the Open Card.

This is due to the flexibility that this code has based on my extensive experience with it for more than 7 years. But I will mention to you a number of electronic store programs and the features of each so that I leave you the freedom to choose:

Advantages of ExpandCart Store

It is considered a platform Expand Cart One of the leading sites in the field of e-commerce in our Arab world. The program gives you the opportunity to set up an online store from scratch for free (with limited options), and these options increase for the paid packages, And they have distinctive construction templates that can be easily handled by smartphones.

They also have technical support experts who help you in managing the store by suggesting ways to market your sales because they have a team experienced in managing e-commerce business.

But you will be obliged to pay the monthly or annual fees permanently, And if you are a professional who will not meet your requirements, especially in terms of SEO. But it remains excellent for those who do not have sufficient experience in managing electronic stores and their details.

My store site features (matjaree)

My store website Suitable for newcomers in e-commerce, it is one of the fastest and best Arab sites and is the preferred platform for e-commerce services within our Arab world, which allows small companies to start and encourages them to set up an online store and in a few minutes, your site is ready to receive customers.

The store provides you with different types of templates that are suitable for all areas of stores. All of this for free, so you can create your store and enjoy their distinguished services. The store provides a team of technical experts to support your online store.

But the free package contains ads on the store page and the ads disappear as soon as you switch to the paid package, but you will still be bound by these monthly or annual payments.

Advantages of the basket store (salla)

The site enables you to create your online store in a record time in less than 10 minutes. Your store is ready and you can start your business. The site allows you to create a free online store on it without commissions for sale and provides you with various templates that help you create your site.

What distinguishes the site most is that you can upload your products and manage inventory easily with an excel file. It also provides you with all the electronic payment methods with ease, in addition to the bank transfer method, and the site provides you with e-commerce consultants and informs you of the continuous developments. It is a good choice for beginners as well.

Features of OpenCart store

It is an open-source professional online store program, The OpenCart program provides you with many advantages, including a simple and free control panel that even the average inexperienced can control and provides you with a follow-up system for reports and sales and a wide library of wonderful templates and among its advantages is that it is the most e-commerce platform in the world available to developers.

This made its development cost relatively low and could be linked to any other programs or payment, shipping, and installment services, and the possibility of integrating artificial intelligence in proposing products to visitors and easy access to them in search, In addition to its high SEO potential, The main OpenCart store contains more than 500 classified and useful add-ons, and I recommend this program rather than the rest of the electronic store’s software.

Magento store features

Magento provides you with strong support for your online store to succeed, as they have many different content and areas that help you expand and spread and provide templates that work in great compatibility with smart devices such as phones, computers or tablets. The site saves you time and money, as it offers many of its services for free, as well as offers a lot of discounts on paid services, but the cost of developing it is relatively high.

BigCommerce store features

The site is characterized by having distinguished technical support teams and consultants in the e-commerce business, and they also provide many distinctive free templates that are easy to use and the site is characterized by its spread and possession of the feature of electronic search engine optimization, but it is not very widespread and the developers of this platform are few.

5) Secure a source for the products that I will sell in the online store

After you choose the online store program, You have nearly reached the end of the technical process and will begin securing the products you will sell. Luckily, You should have already thought about how to go about this process when you conducted your research in the first step. And here I will mention some tip for ensuring the products that you will sell in your store:

  • Making your own products (handmade products).
  • Sell products that you own or sell (your company’s products).
  • Get products from distributors and agents in your area at wholesale prices (store products).
  • Display the products of merchants and factories on your platform without purchasing them, storing them, and they, in turn, ship them directly from them to the customer ( Dropshipping system ).
  • Or sell your own services, As a consultant, for example, you simply need to describe these services and include them on your business website.

6) Professional online store design

You should choose the ideal template for displaying the products, which is the cornerstone of converting a visitor into a buyer in any online store, If you choose the template, the visitor will find himself in a random site that is free of arrangement and difficult to browse, and it is not easy to choose a suitable product from it, and if it is heavy it may affect the speed of the site and therefore we return to the point of the customer escaping from the site and not returning often.

Choosing a template or interface design should be perfect in the online store, and it is the cornerstone in determining the ratio of converting visitors into customers. If you mis-choose the template (interface), the visitor will find himself in a random site that is free of arrangement and difficult to browse, and it is not easy for him to find the product he is seeking.

He may have difficulty completing the request, Also, if it is heavy, it may affect the speed of the site, and thus an increase in the percentage of potential customers bouncing off the site and lowering its ranking. Therefore, you must consider the following criteria when choosing a template for your online store, and I will detail each of them:

simple, Convertibility Optimized

Blogs and news sites are often annoying because of their endless colors and details. This does not have to be in the online store, Because you do not want a visitor to lose control of his tour within your site and leave quickly, So choose a simple design that is comfortable to the eye, and you yourself can appreciate it by browsing through the template with the room light off, and rely on screen lighting only.

If you feel that your eyes cannot focus much on the elements of the site while browsing it, look for a template other than it, and make sure that its main colors are 2 as a maximum and 2 secondaries. For a total of only 4 colors, that’s more than enough.

With regard to the suitability of the template to the content, this means choosing a design and colors suitable for the specialty of the store, for example, car parts and accessories that are suitable for black and red color, sharp corners, wide buttons, and wristwatch stores are suitable for gold and black color with light corners, ubiquitous buttons, and children’s clothes, bright pink and light blue colors, and so on. I will make this task easier for you. You can use this site to choose the appropriate color palette for your store easily Color Palette Ideas.

SEO Optimized

Until you judge a template as SEO friendly, You have to do one step, which is to obtain the demo link for this template and check it on a test site to measure its performance and download speed, such as a scan tool GTMetrix To make sure it is lightweight, its satellite and javascript files are easy to read by search engine spiders. If all of the test results are green and yellow numbers, then this is appropriate. If there are red values, look for another template.

UX Optimized

Evaluating the quality of the user experience needs an expert in designing electronic stores, but I will provide you with some tips to pay attention to it, which is to make sure that the products are easy to access by using the template through search or classifications so that the access to the product does not exceed 3 clicks and pay attention to the shape of the add buttons to the basket, registration, login and end the order It should be distinct and easy to distinguish because it is CTA Buttons and its fonts are legible to a 60-year-old.

Compatible with the online store program (Framework Compatibility)

Ensuring that the template is compatible with the online store program is easy because the designer mentions this in the description of the template before purchasing it, of course, do not worry, If you use the OpenCart 2.3 software, the template designer must state that it is compatible with OpenCart 2.3 and benchmark it.

Compatible with all types of devices and screens (Responsive Design)

Many entrepreneurs do not yet know that Google does not depend on archiving the site on the computer version, Google works to archive the site through the mobile browser first, and if a mobile version is not available (a site and not an application) then it archives the computer version, and this matter weakens the chance for your site and your products to get an arrangement while searching for them on the Google search engine through the mobile browser.

Therefore, you should avoid this matter and design a responsive version for mobile screens, Because Internet users who use mobile phones represent 80% in the countries of our Arab region, a percentage that is able to radically change the performance of your store and your sales and thus your profits.

Do not waive this condition, Because Google depends on Mobile First Indexing Therefore, before purchasing the template, make sure that the programmer explained in the description that he is responsive to the mobile devices Responsive, so that if a visitor opens it from the mobile, it will appear well without a shortage of the main elements of the site, tablets as well, and computers as well.

In order to create an online store, I recommend these templates for online stores because they have organized codes and beautiful designs with SEO criteria

4415 9267874415

Rushing to choose one of these elements is a fatal mistake that must be avoided when establishing your electronic translator project. And if you find doubts about your choices of these elements, do not neglect the help of experts you trust. The first visit of the customer to your store is very important and reflects the strength of your project behind the scenes in the eyes of the customer, even if only one employee works for it, All that matters to the customer is what he sees and what he finds of good service, and he will not care about other details.

6) Do a quality check after finishing the design

This step is exceeded by 90% of online store owners at their inception, and this is a mistake that may be the reason for the failure to create an online store specifically more than any other electronic activity because any vulnerability or error that the visitor discovers before you discover it, Its consequences are the loss of the potential customer, the appearance of your store as unprofessional and the loss of the trust of the target audience that you paid money to market to bring to the store. This step must be performed by one or more persons who are qualified in the QA Test and have qualifications and can be found on the Upwork platform working by the hour system.

7) The best methods of marketing for the online store

Marketing for your online store is not a stage of establishing the site that is expired, but is continuous all the time and does not end unless you decide to close the store and as long as there is an online store, there must be continuous marketing campaigns for it in addition to organic marketing or what is known as SEO.

One of the most important sources through which you can market your online store is to create a blog and talk about what matters to your customers and use it as well to respond to any inquiries to them. You must also have a presence on social media and use it in marketing your products to add many new customers to your site.

It is assumed that your online store is now ready for the last step, which does not end without closing the store, God forbid, which is the start of marketing and customer service (intertwined as if a bird only flies with wings together) and I will explain to you the mechanism of marketing the electronic store in the best way:

Search engine optimization for your online store

In the beginning and before any paid marketing campaign you will need to improve your site’s visibility on search engines with a step I explained in detail in the article Search Engine Optimization And if you do not have previous experience in this field, I advise you to rely on a remote employee who follows you, as it needs experience and focus and its learning is not easy and requires years of study, training and constant follow-up of the variables of Google’s algorithms.

But do not compromise on this step because it saves you a lot of money in paid marketing campaigns and its goal is to achieve organic visits to your store Organic Traffic, which are customers without marketing cost.

Search engine marketing

And here we mean marketing through Google Ads, You can create PPC campaigns on Google Search and other sites that host Google Adsense ads. This type of campaign often depends on a precise targeting method for people who are searching for a specific product and have the intention to buy.

As for its cost a little high, And if you are not well experienced, you may find yourself paying Google money without achieving good sales and the marketing campaigns that you have made become a source of money waste instead of achieving sales and profits, Therefore, I advise you to hire a specialist in electronic marketing because it is really worth it.

Marketing on social networks

They are also paid campaigns, but they do not target people looking for a specific product, but rather make them aware of your store and your products, and show your ads to people who have interests in the same products as you, I have detailed that in an article Marketing through social media .

Recommendation word of mouth

Which is called the science of marketing the word of mouth or the Testimonial, and it is intended to mention the name of your store and recommend it within the conversations of ordinary people themselves and this type of marketing is achieved either by starting with the narrow circle around you of friends and relatives or through your customers themselves as soon as you submit Have excellent customer service and incentives, They will market to you without you even realizing it. This is the lowest, most efficient, and high conversion rate of marketing costs.

In the world of e-commerce, You really need to build trust, Because people never see you personally, So they might be skeptical. The good thing is that by using blogging, social networks and sharing good experiences among people or what is called word of mouth marketing, Building this trust has never been easier.

Affiliate Marketing

What do you think if someone who owns a site or a YouTube channel told you that I will market your store for free that you pay me in advance, Rather, I want a commission on the sales that come to you from me. Sure, you’ll say this is cool and it really is. Here’s how I explained in an article about the Affiliate Marketing System.

Follow-up marketing and retargeting

I am sure that you have previously entered and exited one of the sites and persisted until the advertisements for this site appeared everywhere on the Internet and on social networking sites. This is called retargeting. It relies on re-showing your ads over and over again to people who previously visited your site and didn’t complete the purchase.

Or they didn’t try to buy in the first place with the aim of reminding them or establishing your brand in their subconscious mind, In addition to this, bulletins and periodic offers are sent to the e-mail to customers who are already registered with you in the store. These campaigns are the domain of the e-marketing official who agreed with him, so leave it to him because it needs a lot of work and formulation to try to change the convictions of the potential customer and push him to make the purchase decision.

In any case, in paid marketing campaigns, you will try several marketing methods until you have a number of reports for these campaigns that enable you to make a decision to determine which one is most beneficial for your store in order to invest the marketing budget in it. With time, you will be able to adjust and change your marketing strategy to get the best marketing strategy for your business.

How much does it cost to set up an online store?

The cost of establishing an integrated professional online store is estimated at $ 4,000 to $ 20,000, and this value varies between these two numbers based on the number of categories and products mainly, and some additions such as artificial intelligence software, linking to shipping companies, payment gateways, accounting systems, and customer service.

Certainly, by working on an online store, you will save a variety of costs associated with traditional stores, Like rent, property, furniture, frontline salaries, and more. And although, it might be easier to finance an e-commerce business with a limited budget.

You should think about your budget carefully when starting out and keep track of all your expenditures during the life of the site. Here are the details of the constituent and periodic costs as well:

Commercial licenses and permits

Depending on the type of entity, location, what you sell, and the country you are in, When setting up an online store, you can face a range of costs for licensing and permits. Therefore, many Arab entrepreneurs resort to establishing a commercial company and bank accounts in some US states that are exempt from income taxes and allow non-Americans and non-residents even at low fees that do not exceed $ 350, often per year.

Programming and design costs

Although the use of the e-commerce system may be paid at $ 30 a month, $ 300 a year, or even free, A lovely thing at the beginning of the journey, However, there will be many important features that are missing from this type of system, and despite this, we see it good at the beginning of work to test the market and accept it for your project. But soon you find yourself very restricted to it and you will start the journey to develop your own program, which costs between 5,000 and 15,000 dollars.

Domain name and hosting

Some e-commerce solutions will include the domain name or hosting within the cost of the platform and some platforms will allow you to purchase your own domain name through them. If you need to purchase your own domain name or hosting, You can expect to pay anywhere annually for the domain (website address) around $ 15 and an average of $ 30 per month for hosting (the server).

Payments and cash receipts

To accept payments online, You will need to work with a payment service provider such as PayTabs in Saudi Arabia and PayFort in the UAE, or Stripe in America and it is the best among them because there are no monthly or annual fees or any other obligations, That is, it is generally the least expensive, but only those who own American companies will be able to use Stripe freely, such as the one we talked about in the previous paragraph. generally, You will pay about 2.9% in addition to $ 0.30 for each transaction that takes place in your store, on average, regardless of the type of electronic payment gateway used among the aforementioned portals.

Stock and shipping

Depending on what you sell, Stock and shipping costs are highly variable. However, Of all the costs we’ve brought up so far, Your initial inventory investment will likely be the largest. You will want to purchase the inventory accurately, Especially when you start, You don’t want to spend a lot of money on products that you won’t be able to sell. Shipping costs will depend on the sales and services of the shipping companies you use, the size of the products that you send, and the shipping speed options that you provide to customers. Usually, internal shipping in Saudi Arabia is an average of 30 riyals per shipment less than 10 kilos The number varies from one company to another, but this is our average estimate of our experience in dealing with these companies.

Marketing and advertising

As a general rule, It is safe to allocate about 8% or 10% of your total earnings to marketing and advertising. When you start, The amount may be difficult to estimate. Therefore, you will definitely need to take advantage of any free marketing and advertising options available to you, such as affiliate marketing and search engine optimization, because they are long-term in effect and somewhat fixed and their costs recede after a period of time. Then, Once you have a better idea of what works for your e-commerce business, You can start exploring the paid options for marketing your store.

Moreover, You may also incur additional costs for things like equipment, remote staff, consultants, and more.

The reasons for the failure of the online store you should avoid

The most important reason for the failure of the online store is the mechanism of dealing with the customer, specifically working with the mentality of selling the product, getting money and shipping the product, And then neglecting the after-sales service or neglecting his request to return the product or repair it or correct any mistake that happened with it.

Thus, you pay your money and time to set up an online store, you lose the customer’s confidence in him, and you lost a customer from the first order and lost the potential customers that this customer would have brought to you if he was satisfied with your service (a really big loss), Repeating this with several clients means that your dream project to establish a successful online store is inevitable.

Because you are in a virtual world in which it is difficult to gain customer confidence, and the competition to acquire customers is not easy, and the evidence is the cost of clicking and paid marketing. So if you do not realize this matter and are unable to adapt to it, do not continue with your project please, Your destiny is to fail and to waste your money on marketing to get a client that you will definitely lose after the first order.

I am sure that this application will not cover even the marketing cost that I paid to attract this client. So after you settle on the idea of the site and the products that you are familiar with and can provide after-sales service for it, and after you put in place an online store business plan in order to ensure the success of the site, you must take into account some of the factors that help your site to succeed.

These factors were the reason for the success of many other online stores, or at least to avoid mistakes made by those who preceded you, which I will mention to you here, so follow through to the end and every mistake if corrected and corrected, you will have taken another step towards your goal of creating a profitable online store:

1. Protect the site against hacking and data theft

Many customers have a fear of stealing the information that they write in your store when purchasing, especially the information of the payment method, and this is something that you must address to reassure them, especially that in the beginning, your site’s name is still unknown. Do not compare yourself to Souq and Amazon in this respect. They have become trusted, but it is your turn to gain this confidence, And you should know very well that no matter how good your store is and no matter how low your prices are, no one will buy from you unless you provide them with protection and security for their personal information and their bank card, and that will be by following the following steps.

Install an SSL Certificate

You have to install an SSL certificate for your store to get the HTTPS protocol instead of the HTTP protocol, This protects the financial operations that occur on your site from being stolen by hackers.

Privacy Policy Page

Add a page containing the privacy policy, Site policy on payment and refunds. The name of the company is mentioned on the Who We Are page and the address of this company or site owner This page is important when creating an online store in order to increase your credibility with search engines and visitors.

Hosting provides firewall protection

Use strong hosting that provides a layer of protection for your site against the firewall and DDoS protection. Or connect to the site to Cloudflare.

Safe and secure payment methods

You should provide your store visitors with multiple and secure payment methods and add a payment gateway logo and acceptable card types in the website footer.

Direct communication method

To provide customers with a means to communicate with you, Because that makes them feel more secure through WhatsApp number or at least chat window.

2. Method of presentation and description of the products

This problem is the most prevalent according to my observation in the list of errors that must be avoided because it is the problem that most new online store owners fall into, Where you find that an online store has been established that does not display sufficient information about the product and maybe important information such as (technical specifications, dimensions, color, Shipping expenses, The brand of the product and others …) and only the price suffices, and with it a little insufficient information to describe the product. As if the store owner considers that all website visitors are aware of the product details just like him.

You, as an online store owner, must put yourself in the place of the visitor and provide him with all the answers to the inquiries that he can search for answers to regarding your products And not make him need to communicate with you, Not all visitors are ready to contact you to inquire about a product, while they can go to another brand or another source that provides them with an easier buying experience. Of course, there is no buyer who wants to buy a product and he does not know enough details about it.

For example, if you look at the websites of large commercial companies such as Noon, Ali Baba and Amazon, You will find that they add the finest details of each product so they generate more sales for less return than others.

The summary of this matter is that the more information, pictures, and even videos you add about the product, the more confidence you gain in the scientists and gain their respect, and they will buy again from you. They cannot touch and inspect the product before purchasing it. You have to give them the information they lack directly on the product page so that they can make a purchase decision quickly and do not let them doubt and hesitate.

3. How to encourage online store visitors to purchase

Not everyone who accesses your online store is someone who wants to buy. Maybe it is someone hesitating or planning to buy at a later time or a smart person looking for an offer or a discount. In all cases, offering them an offer that encourages them to buy in exchange for giving your site a good evaluation or placing them on a discount on one of the products is sufficient encouragement to push them to buy even if the purchase was not their intention from the beginning.

Try to add the Cross-Selling and Up-Selling feature when the visitor tries to exit the site or try to finish the request to increase sales and increase the percentage of visitors converting to customers.

4. User experience in the online store

Designing a professional online store must serve the visitor and help him to connect to the product he is looking for with the fewest number of clicks, and this helps him to continue in it and move between its pages effortlessly and this is called the user experience and the design of the site has two main aspects:

  • Its aesthetic design (UI) This is related to the colors, coordination and arrangement of the website, which provides comfort to the reader’s eye.
  • Practical design (UX) It is related to arranging and organizing pages, which provides ease of navigation from one page to another, with some advantages and additions, such as the search box tool, which is very basic and important and is considered the most used part of the online store by visitors.

These ostensible matters are very important to keep visitors on your site as long as possible without bouncing them back quickly, and this is a signal to search engines that your site is important and deserves to improve the site’s ranking in search results related to the site’s content.

In conclusion, I hope that I have succeeded in the explanation in order to be able to create and design an online store to start a more beneficial e-commerce business, and I wish you all the best, I’d like to make an analogy that brings you closer to your imagination of the project Imagine that it is an accessible plot of land, but it is barren, and you will cultivate it in order to generate money for you, and all that you care about the most will increase its revenue and increase its value.

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