Wix, a popular website builder, offers a chat feature that allows website visitors to communicate in real-time with the site owner or support team. This chat feature often appears as a “Let’s Chat” guide or a chat bubble, typically located in the lower right-hand corner of the website.

Why Might You Want to Turn Off the Chat?

While the chat feature can be beneficial for businesses and websites that require real-time communication with visitors, not every website owner finds it necessary. Some might feel it clutters the website design, while others might not have the resources to manage real-time chats. Whatever the reason, Wix provides an easy way to remove this feature if desired.

What is the Process to Disable the Chat?

  1. Access the Wix Editor: To begin, navigate to your Wix website editor. This is where you can make changes to the design and functionality of your site.
  2. Locate the Chat Feature: On your website preview within the editor, find the chat bubble or the “Let’s Chat” guide. This is the chat feature you want to remove.
  3. Delete the Chat Element: Once you’ve located the chat feature, simply select it. After selecting, press the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard. This action will remove the chat feature from your website.
  4. Publish Your Changes: After deleting the chat, ensure you click on ‘Publish’ to save and apply the changes to your live website.
  5. Verify the Removal: To confirm that the chat feature has been successfully removed, preview or view your website. The chat bubble or guide should no longer be visible.

What is the Outcome?

By following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure a cleaner and more streamlined user experience on your Wix website, especially if you feel the chat feature is unnecessary or distracting.