Flat design remains a popular trend in the design world, known for its simplicity and clean aesthetics. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to craft a beautiful flat design flower using Adobe Illustrator, leveraging some of the software’s powerful tools.

Starting with the Basics: Petal Creation

  1. Crafting the Petal: Begin by drawing an ellipse, which will serve as the base of our petal. Adjust its shape by pulling down the bottom point using the Direct Selection Tool.
  2. Coloring: Opt for a vibrant shade of red for the petal to make it stand out.

Repeating the Petal: Radial Repeat

  1. Initiating the Repeat: With the petal selected, navigate to Object > Repeat > Radial Repeat. This action will duplicate the petal in a circular pattern.
  2. Adjusting the Repeat: You can modify the distance from the center and the number of petals using the handles.

Adding Depth: Inner Petals

  1. Duplicating the Radial Repeat: Copy and paste the radial repeat to create a second set of petals.
  2. Modifying the Inner Petals: Double-click to access the petal shape, adjust its size, and choose a different color to differentiate it from the outer petals.

The Flower’s Core

  1. Drawing the Center: Use the Ellipse Tool to craft a circle in the middle of the flower.
  2. Color Choice: A dark steel blue can serve as a contrasting center color.

Stem and Leaves

  1. Creating the Stem: A simple rectangle with rounded corners can act as the flower’s stem. Color it with a natural green shade.
  2. Leaf Design: Use the Ellipse Tool to craft two overlapping circles. The overlapping section will form the leaf shape. Remove the excess using the Shape Builder Tool.

Final Touches: Shadows and Alignment

  1. Adding a Shadow: Draw a black rectangle covering half of the flower and stem. Use the Shape Builder Tool to subtract the unnecessary parts, leaving a shadow on one side.
  2. Opacity: Reduce the shadow’s opacity to around 10% for a subtle effect.
  3. Alignment: Ensure all parts of the flower are aligned correctly for a cohesive look.


Creating a flat design flower in Adobe Illustrator is a blend of creativity and technique. By utilizing tools like the Radial Repeat and Shape Builder, you can craft intricate designs with ease.