Duplicating objects around a circle can add symmetry and balance to your designs. With Adobe Illustrator’s latest update, this process has become even more streamlined. This guide will show you the quickest method to duplicate objects around a circle in Illustrator.

Steps to Duplicate Objects Around a Circle:

  1. Draw Your Base Object: Begin by creating the object you wish to duplicate. This could be any shape or design element.
  2. Create a Circle: This circle will serve as the path around which your object will be duplicated. Ensure the circle is centered to your artboard for symmetry.
  3. Position Your Object: Place the object you wish to duplicate on the circle’s path, ensuring it touches the circle’s outer edge.
  4. Access the Rotate Tool: Select the object, then choose the Rotate Tool or press the shortcut ‘R’.
  5. Set the Rotation Point: While holding the ‘Alt’ key, click the center of the circle. This sets the rotation point around which the object will be duplicated.
  6. Determine the Rotation Angle: In the dialog box that appears, set the rotation angle. For instance, if you want to duplicate the object 12 times around the circle, set the angle to 30° (360°/12).
  7. Duplicate with One Click: Click the ‘Copy’ button in the dialog box. Then, use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+D’ (or ‘Cmd+D’ on Mac) to duplicate the object around the circle.

Why Use This Method?

This one-click method is the most efficient way to duplicate objects around a circle in Illustrator. It ensures precision and saves time, especially when working on intricate designs.


Duplicating objects around a circle in Illustrator has never been easier. With this method, you can achieve perfect symmetry and balance in your designs, enhancing their overall appeal.