In this Figma tutorial, you will learn how to export a JPG in Figma. This process allows you to create export options for frames and other objects.

Steps to Export as JPG

Selecting the Image or Frame

  1. Select the Image or Frame: Click on the image or frame you want to export.
  2. Access Export Options: In the right-hand design tab, click on ‘Export’ at the bottom.

Creating a New Export Setting

  1. Choose Scale: Decide whether it’s 1X (exact size in pixels) or scale it up or down.
  2. Add Suffix: Optionally, give it a suffix.
  3. Choose File Type: Select ‘jpeg’ from the file type options.
  4. Access Additional Settings: Click on the Three Dots to access export settings specific to the file type.
  5. Preview and Export: Preview what you’re exporting and hit ‘Export.’
  6. Save the File: Choose the location to save, such as ‘Downloads,’ and hit ‘Save.’

Verifying the Export

  1. Open the Exported File: Navigate to the saved location and open the exported file to verify.


Exporting as a JPEG from Figma is a straightforward process that involves selecting the object, configuring export settings, and saving the file. This tutorial demonstrates how to export both images and frames as JPEG in Figma.