Instagram groups, or ‘pods,’ are key spaces where users connect and interact to boost engagement and increase followers. These groups bring together users who actively engage with each other’s content by liking, commenting, and sharing posts, which helps signal Instagram’s algorithm that their content is valuable and should be promoted to more people. In this article, we’ll explore what Instagram groups are and provide detailed instructions on how to find and join them to supercharge your Instagram presence.

Decoding Instagram Groups

Instagram groups are not like Facebook groups with a common feed visible to all members. Instead, they are communities hosted on different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Telegram, or within Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). These groups vary in their privacy settings, with some being public and others private.

Members of these groups interact with each other’s Instagram posts, contributing to higher engagement rates. However, be aware that these groups usually have rules to follow and may cater to specific niches. Some even have dedicated posting times and stringent moderators who enforce the rules. Some groups require payment for membership, while others are free.

Discovering Instagram Groups

Now, let’s discuss how to find the right Instagram group for you. While some groups are exclusive and require an invite, others are more open to new members. Here are four practical methods to help you find your ideal Instagram group.

Method #1: Leverage Instagram Hashtags

Instagram’s search function, particularly hashtags, is a great place to start. Look for hashtags related to Instagram engagement groups, such as:

  • #engagementgroups
  • #like4like
  • #follow4follow
  • #InstaPods

You can refine your search further by adding specific niche-related hashtags like #MompreneurPod or #CommuniteVoyage.

Method #2: Explore Facebook Groups

Facebook is a powerhouse for communities, including those of Instagram users. Simply search for Instagram engagement or marketing groups on Facebook, and you’ll find a multitude of options.

Many of these groups operate via Telegram or Whatsapp, and you might find invitation links to these groups on Facebook. Smaller, niche-specific groups tend to have more active members, so you may achieve better results by joining these communities.

Method #3: Delve into Reddit

Reddit, a platform known for its niche communities, is another excellent place to find Instagram groups. Look for subreddits dedicated to Instagram pods, such as IGPods, where people recruit members for their Instagram groups.

Method #4: Networking

Once you’ve developed relationships with like-minded Instagrammers in your niche, ask them if they’re part of any groups that you could join. Word-of-mouth recommendations often carry a personal guarantee, ensuring that the group is a good fit for you.

A Word of Caution

Stay clear of groups that use bots to inflate engagement levels as they could lead to your account getting banned from Instagram. Prioritize high-quality groups with active members and always adhere to the group guidelines.


Joining the right Instagram group can significantly enhance your engagement and follower growth. However, you must remain active and abide by the group’s rules; failing to do so can result in your removal from the group. So, take your time, find the right group using the methods we’ve outlined, and start reaping the benefits.

Remember, joining a group is just the start. You need to be an active participant and contributor to truly benefit from your membership. Happy Instagramming!