WhatsApp, with a staggering 2 billion users every month, takes the crown as the most popular instant messaging app globally. Its user-friendly design appeals to all ages, although some, especially those not as tech-savvy or those juggling multiple accounts, may struggle to identify their registered mobile number and username. This guide is here to simplify the process for Android and iOS users.

Locating Your WhatsApp Number and Username on Android

Identifying your WhatsApp number and username is straightforward, both in the standard app and the business variant. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android device.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu located at the top right corner, and then select ‘Settings’.
  3. Your name and profile picture will appear at the top. Tap on this section.
  4. Voila! Here you can view your WhatsApp username and your registered mobile number.

Editing Your Name and Mobile Number

To modify your name on WhatsApp, tap on your name, type in your preferred name, and hit ‘Save’. Altering your mobile number follows a similar path. On the profile page, click the mobile number, press ‘Next’, then input your old and new mobile number.

Afterwards, follow the on-screen instructions to verify your mobile number. Upon changing your registered mobile number, all your account details, including groups and settings, will be transferred to the new number. Any existing payment methods will be removed, and pending payments will be canceled.

Discovering Your WhatsApp Number and Username on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

The steps for iPhone and iPad users are nearly identical. To uncover your WhatsApp name and number:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’ in the lower right corner.
  3. Then tap on your name next to the profile picture at the top.
  4. Your mobile number and your WhatsApp username will then be displayed.

Changing Your WhatsApp Number on iOS

The process of changing your name and mobile number on iOS mirrors that of Android. To modify your username, tap on your current name on the profile page, input your desired name, and then tap ‘Done’.

To change the mobile number, return to ‘Settings’. Here, tap on ‘Account’ and then ‘Change number’. Press ‘Next’, enter the old and new number, and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Like on Android, changing your number on iOS will migrate all your data, including groups, to the new number.

Now you should feel comfortable finding your registered mobile number and username in WhatsApp, whether you’re using an Android or iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my WhatsApp username?

Anyone possessing your WhatsApp number can view your profile, including your registered name. Your name will also be visible in group chats with participants who haven’t saved your contact. Individuals who have saved your contact will see the name you’ve registered.

How can I view someone else’s WhatsApp profile name?

To see another user’s name on WhatsApp, open a chat with them and tap their name/number at the top to access their profile. Their username will be visible under their profile picture.

Can I have a WhatsApp account with two phone numbers?

Unfortunately, you cannot have a single WhatsApp account associated with two phone numbers. Regularly switching WhatsApp accounts between different devices may cause issues with re-verifying your account, so refrain from doing this excessively. However, you can maintain two separate WhatsApp accounts with different numbers on your phone using the WhatsApp Business app for the secondary number, or apps that support dual WhatsApp accounts on Android.