Have you ever wanted to find out someone’s phone number on Telegram but didn’t know how? Although Telegram allows users to hide their phone numbers, there are ways to uncover them if they’re made public. In this article, we will discuss how to find a user’s phone number on Telegram, as well as how to search for someone using their phone number.

Accessing Public Phone Numbers on Telegram

If a user has made their phone number public, you can follow these steps to access it:

a. Open the chat conversation with the person in question, or search for them using the magnifying glass icon. b. Tap on the person’s name at the top of the conversation. c. View their profile information, including their phone number (if visible).

If you cannot see their phone number, the user has chosen not to share it on Telegram.

Checking If a Phone Number is Registered on Telegram

If you have someone’s phone number but aren’t sure if they’re using Telegram, there’s no direct way to verify this within the app. Previously, TLChecker was a tool that allowed users to check if a number was registered on Telegram, but it was against Telegram’s terms of service and has since been discontinued. The only way to confirm someone’s presence on Telegram is to ask them directly.

Searching for Someone on Telegram by Their Phone Number

To search for someone on Telegram using their phone number, follow these steps:

a. Save the person’s phone number in your phone’s address book. b. If your address book is synced with Telegram, the contact should automatically appear in the app.

However, this method may not work if the person has strict privacy settings, making it difficult to find them on Telegram.

Understanding Why Phone Numbers are Hidden on Telegram

Users can hide their phone numbers on Telegram for privacy reasons. Telegram allows users to create an account using a username, without directly linking their phone number to it. This feature is one of the reasons many users prefer Telegram over other messaging apps like WhatsApp, as it offers greater privacy and separation between app usage and personal information.


While Telegram prioritizes user privacy and allows phone numbers to be hidden, you can still find a user’s phone number if they’ve made it public. However, if their number is hidden or you’re unsure if they’re using Telegram, you’ll need to ask them directly. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can navigate Telegram’s privacy settings and find the information you’re looking for.