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How to find strong keywords
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If you have a website or online store and want to bring visitors to your site as soon as possible, You must first conduct a search for the appropriate keywords for the content of each page of your site or your articles, and this process is called (Keywords Research), and these words must combine between good search volume and moderate competition, By finding and aggregating the best keywords, sub and synonyms associated with your site’s content, to get you started working on the content.

Therefore, we will share with you today the most important instructions on how to find the words that people search for the most on search engines, We’ll tell you about the most important tools that you can use to accurately search for suitable keywords.

So what are the keywords? How can you get strong keywords? How can you find the best keywords and subdomains? What about how to find out the most searched words in Google?

What are the keywords? Keywords

Keywords or called by the targeted keywords, It is a word or phrase of several words that serves as a guideline for search engine spiders It indicates the content of the site appropriate for searches, Its use should be natural within the context of the text and its frequency should not be exaggerated. Because it will distort the content of the content and make the reader exit quickly, and this is one of the reasons for reducing the ranking of sites on Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Your article will also be ignored because you repeating it too much will be considered a “spam”. In the past, it was the most important factor in articles and websites ranking the results of search engines to bring visitors to your site as quickly as possible, But today it is no longer that important according to the latest Google updates, However, it is still among the important strategies to get low bounce and high traffic and thus top search results and improve the SEO on your site.

What are the types of keywords?

Short-tail keywords

It is a sentence consisting of 3 words or less and is the core of the topic or paragraph that you will write about, for example “key words” It consists of two words, but it is the core of our topic and the competition for it is high and at the same time the search volume on it is high and it is difficult to get a good ranking in the search engine results by using it alone, so it is not sufficient for it, and you have to use other types of the following search words mentioned.

Long-tail Keywords

It is a sentence consisting of 3 or more words and it is a derivative of the keyword, for example Best Keyword Finding Tool Notice the number of words has become 5 and within it the main keyword, which is the title of a paragraph in our article as well, The competition for it is less and the search volume for it is lower, but your chance of getting a good ranking using it is much higher.

Keywords synonymous with LSI Keywords

They are words that the search engine searches for in your article and they are not literally completely or partially similar to the keywords or sub-words, but rather their presence is usually necessary in the content of the article naturally, For example, you cannot talk in an article about “Breastfeeding” Without saying a word “immunity” or Child age or “A nursing mother.” If these words are synonymous words that distinguish through search engine spiders the comprehensiveness of the content related to the keywords and sub-words, and if you are writing high-quality content, then there is no doubt spontaneously in this content.

How to use keywords correctly

Some of the ratios and numbers shown in this paragraph were not authorized by Google, but were determined based on statistics for millions of sites advanced in search results by major SEO makers, and there is no doubt about them:

Avoid keyword stuffing

It is recommended that the keyword repeat rate is no more than 1.2% and not less than 0.8% in the article. Calculate this by multiplying the number of times the article’s keyword is repeated by 100 and then dividing the result by the number of words in the article. Example: The ideal number of repeating a keyword in a 1,500-word article is between 12 and 18 times.

Before 2011, Google Panda’s algorithms relied on search volume. And the short content. After 2012, Google Penguin penalizes articles that overstate the use of keywords and because it is a reader fraud, and classifies them as Spam.

After 2013, Google HummingBird’s algorithms focused on sub-keywords and had no interest in duplicating them. The importance of objective research, The quality of the content using statistics, audience behavior and artificial intelligence, and also there is still manual examination of some sites by Google employees, according to John Mueller, a worker at the Google Search Console, and the number of these inspectors in the thousands.

Use long keywords in subheadings

Today, keywords have become more than just an appropriate word to be placed in the right place. Because Google’s algorithms are getting smarter at understanding what people are searching for, Therefore, its primary goal is to achieve a satisfactory user experience for its search engine users, and therefore be natural and professional in writing content in a form that is primarily intended for the reader and not only to search engines.

Use synonyms for topic in page content

It is not necessarily used in sub-headings or headings, but naturally, as we explained previously, there are a number of words and terms that are naturally synonymous with it, Do not occupy your mind with it too much. If you are writing good and comprehensive content, it will appear in the text of the content.

Criteria and how to choose key words

  • Define keywords for page content Or the article inspired by your thoughts in the article.
  • Type your keyword into Google Search and you’ll find it suggesting multiple complements These long words are sub-paragraph headings in your article. Record it under each keyword on an external sheet.
  • Stay away from short keywords . Because although it has the most views, but it has intense competition that will make you fall straight into despair.
  • Focus on long-form keywords. Use them more in subheadings than short ones because they get higher click and conversion rates.
  • Don’t be restricted by the number of long keywords . Do not worry, Google will not consider it a fraud, provided that you observe professionalism in providing content, meaning that you do not repeat it unless there is an additional useful detail for the reader that needs to be repeated.
  • Most of the interrogative words are used in subheadings . How? What is the method? Where can I find? What are the? And when? And make the content of that paragraph answer the question completely and accurately.

Search for words with Google

Example: Back Link The competition for it is intense. Get deeper and know what you will specifically write and what your visitors will be searching for, and use longer keywords like “How backlink works for your site” . Branching out all the possible possibilities for these words, do not worry, Google will not violate you by branching into your article using words that are more specific such as: “How to work an external backlink at the lowest cost “. Too long isn’t it? But it is a real research word and people search for it even if they are few.

How do I know the most searched keywords?

Before I answer your question, you have to start with your mind. Know what people want! To get visitors to your site as quickly as possible, Just guess the terms and phrases that people search for a lot on this topic and what interests them so that you can start searching and writing good content. So try to find out which keywords should be used primarily as a starting point in your search for all the words that cover your topic or the content you present.

In order to be able to perform the search for the most searched keywords professionally, you should use paid tools, and it is preferable that your use of them be paid to benefit from more professional advantages, especially if your site or online store generates profits for you, so there is no objection to spending some money more accurately and professionally because it will return to you Returns exponentially. You can also use it for free for a trial period, and you can also rely on Google search for free, Here are the details.

There is more than one A way to find the most searched keywords:

1- The subject of the keyword

Focuses mainly on the word or sentence that you will write about. For example, let’s write: (Google Adsense) See the image to see the competition rates for the keyword and other similar suggestions.

Google Adsense keyword data

If we wrote: Profit from Google Adsense. This keyword is better and has less competition than the first.

Profit from Google Adsense keyword data

Knowing the keyword your competitors are using

This process focuses mainly on doing an in-depth research to find out what your competitors are using in terms of keywords that revolve around your topic or site as well. There are two ways to do this:

  • Search based on competitors blog URL: All you have to do is enter a competitor’s blog link, preferably well-ranked and well-known, to get ideas for good keywords that you use on your site or articles. For example, we will enter a blog link with a great weight in the field of Arab e-commerce Expand Cart as follows: Link to the platform and then note the keyword data you use. See the example in the picture

Searching for keywords using the domain

  • Search based on the URL of a specific article or page of competitors: Find the article on the top of SEO by typing the topic you want to write about, copy the first article link that appears in the search results, and note the data about it.
  • We will remain in the same example and the same platform Expand Cart and we will write “How to make an online store step by step” then we will choose this article that ranks second in the search results and copy its link and put it in: KWFinder uses the Search By Domain feature and then we note the data related to the target keyword for this article for us to use when writing our related article. See the example in the picture


Best Keyword Site

The best site for extracting keywords, doing your research, and providing you with accurate statistics are tools KWFinder And the SEMrush Because their databases contain a huge amount of updated data daily, and they are one of the leaders in the SEO industry in the world, especially partial determining the difficulty of keywords.

Why should I use a site to learn keywords?

SEMrush or KWFinder are both good and excellent, and you can only use one of them. You should use it for the following reasons:

  • Win time and save effort because they give you hundreds of keyword ideas with just one click.
  • Giving you data about the keyword that you will not find in other tools, Such as: How difficult it is to compete for the keyword, Search volume, And their SERPs data for each country.
  • Giving you a competitive advantage over the rest of your competitors who use tools with several deficiencies such as Google Keyword Planner, which will not give you accurate data about the difficulty of competing for a particular keyword because it focuses on competition related to paid ads for Google Adsense and not stats for free organic search. It also gives you limited search options for a keyword search size of between 1,000 and 10,000. Thus it is almost useless for those looking to improve their SEO
  • Providing a very good feature that they remove the burden of thinking about the appropriate place for the keyword in your article or website, So just search for the keyword and then run a quick scan for it. I am here to share my experience with you and speak from a “personal experience” as a SEO consultant in several international companies and organizations.
  • It suggests that you search for new keywords and keywords associated with the word you are searching for, That is, it opens your eyes to words that you would not have thought of, and often these words are LSI Keywords.

In any case, there is more than one way to search for keywords as we said, and most of them are similar in way of work, but vary in accuracy and quality, so we suggest you SEMrush and you will get two weeks for free to try and use it with all its capabilities if you enter it through the button at the end of the article. We also suggest you the KWFinder tool that you can try here directly and you will get a free week upon registration

How to learn keywords for free using Google

  • Google Autocomplete dropdown search by GoogleOne of the simplest and easiest methods, you only have to write, for example, “how to make an online store”. During writing, suggestions for the most searched words will appear in the search bar, such as “how to make an online store step by step”, and you should try different words more than once until you get better results. See the example in the picture

Search by dropdown method clarify

  • Related Searches Which Google shows at the bottom of the search page and is considered a part of LSI Keywords, but in a very small percentage.

Google Autocomplete 2

  • People Also Ask the feature People may ask: You can also find this directly under the Google search box. As suggestions for common questions. look at the picture

Google Autocomplete 3

How to find keywords on YouTube?

Search through YouTube Autocomplete suggestions, and this is a similar method to Google Suggestions. It requires knowing the keywords of any video, then you can examine these keywords with a tool YouTube Keyword To see if it is suitable for you to use, Or it gives you similar word ideas so that you can get strong semantic words for your videos. And do not forget to use the synonym LSI in describing the video because search spiders have become more dependent on synonyms due to the intense competition for short or long keywords even on YouTube. And it has recently become an important factor in the lead after increased competition for keywords. Because it helps search spiders get a deeper understanding of video content.

In conclusion This was the way to search for keywords, an answer to the most important questions. How do I know the most searched words on Google, What are the most important tools that you can use to extract and search for keywords .. For the sake of greater traffic and to improve the search engines of your site, We presented it to you briefly and objectively and in a way that does not cause distraction because the topic is one of the divergent topics. Do not focus too much on how to know the most searched words in Google, and forget to write long content that is not boring and exclusive and pay attention to small details when blogging because it is the most important now because the content is king.

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