Planning to surprise someone on their birthday or curious to know the birthday of your favorite celebrity? Either way, there are some tips to help you find someone’s birthday on Instagram. Although these tips do not guarantee 100% success, they can still help you uncover someone’s birthday date.

Birthdays hold a special place in people’s lives, and most people like to celebrate their birthday with style. There are several ways to find out someone’s birthday, including checking their Instagram bio, their Instagram stories, or their tagged posts. Most people love to share details about their birthday, and we will tap into this to find out someone’s birthday without them knowing.

How to Know Someone’s Birthday on Instagram?

There are various online tools claiming to help users know someone’s birthday. Some work, but they cost a certain amount, and you don’t need all that hassle when you can do it for free. This guide provides four free methods to help you find someone’s birthday through Instagram.

Check Their Bio

The Instagram bio can reveal a lot about a person. Often, people add details like their birth date or use catchy phrases to indicate when they celebrate their birthday. Someone’s bio is the first place to visit to know their birthday on Instagram.

Even if you don’t get the actual birth date, the information may give helpful clues about when the target person celebrates their birthday.

Check Their Posts

It’s common for people to post their birthdays on Instagram, including tagging friends to share the love and excitement. If their bio didn’t provide useful clues, it’s time to browse their posts to see if they’ve shared a birthday post at any point.

A birthday post is unique; if the person doesn’t post frequently on Instagram, you should easily find their birthday posts. Look for clues like photos with cakes or birthday outfits. Any post that seems special should catch your eye.

Check Their Instagram Stories

If your target person loves Instagram, they’ve probably created an Instagram story for their birthday. Moreover, some people prefer creating Instagram stories over posts.

To check their Instagram stories, click on their profile and navigate to their bio. Below it, you should see all the Instagram stories they’ve created. Look for ones related to special events, and you might find one about their birthday.

Look for Tagged Posts

Looking into their tagged posts is our last resort. The benefit of Instagram is that it allows tagging someone when posting something, to share a post and link it to their friends.

To see the tagged posts of the target person, click on their profile, and at the top right, under their name, click on tagged photos. Then, look for tagged posts that relate to their birth date. With this, you should be lucky in knowing someone’s birthday on Instagram.

What If None of the Methods Work?

These four methods do not guarantee knowledge of someone’s birthday. In the unfortunate case that none work for you, the option is to message the person and ask their birth date. Alternatively, you can take your time and continue to search their posts or stories, and if and when they post their next birthday, you’ll know it.


Social media contains details about people, including their special dates and celebrations like birthdays.

Using Instagram, you can know someone’s birthday by looking for clues in their bio, posts, and Instagram stories. We’ve seen how to find someone’s birthday, and I hope the methods presented have helped you find the birth date of the target person.


Where can I find someone’s birth date on Instagram?

Most people add their birthday in their Instagram bio. However, you can also check their posts and Instagram stories to see if they recently celebrated their birthday.

What free tool can verify someone’s birthday on Instagram?

An online search will display various tools claiming to help users discover someone’s birthday on Instagram. Most tools claim to be free but require payment to provide results. Why take a risk when you can use the four methods presented in this guide?