Ever wondered how to ascend the Instagram popularity ladder, especially when you’re starting from scratch? Earning the first 1000 views on Instagram may feel like an uphill battle, but we’re here to level the playing field with seven practical tips. By following these, you’ll boost views on your Instagram posts, videos, and stories like a pro.

Tip #1: Prioritize Unique, High-Quality Content

The foundation of any Instagram profile is its content. Quality and unique content will always resonate with your audience and win you views. If your content is subpar, even the best strategies may fall flat.

Here are a few pointers to create better content:

  • Understand your audience: Research their interests, problems, and how you can address those through your content.
  • Keep content brief and engaging.
  • Incorporate a Call to Action (CTA): This encourages your audience to interact, like asking their opinion on a topic.

Tip #2: Leverage the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are instrumental in connecting you with your audience. By adding relevant and trending hashtags, you make your content more discoverable, which in turn, boosts views and engagement.

Hashtags are especially critical if you’re promoting a product or service as they amplify the reach of your content, helping Instagram’s algorithm place your content in front of anyone searching those specific hashtags.

Tip #3: Choose the Best Time to Post

The timing of your posts plays a critical role in your content’s success. The first few hours after posting are vital, so aim to garner maximum engagement during this window.

Identify when your target audience is most active – this ‘peak time’ may vary according to time zones. By posting at these optimal times, you increase the chances of higher engagement.

Tip #4: Opt for Attractive Thumbnails and Trendy Topics

An eye-catching thumbnail can significantly increase the click-through rate of your videos. If creating captivating thumbnails isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a professional.

Also, keep abreast of the latest trends, including popular songs or topics. Incorporating these into your content can dramatically increase engagement.

Tip #5: Add Subtitles to Your Videos

Subtitles can enhance the viewer’s experience, especially if they’re watching without sound. They make your content more accessible, which can increase your views.

Consider these tips when adding captions:

  • Make them descriptive yet concise.
  • Ensure they align with your content and appear at the right time.

Tip #6: Craft Engaging Descriptions

Instagram may be a visually dominated platform, but the importance of a good description should not be underestimated. Adding a captivating description can hold the viewer’s interest, increasing the chances of them watching your content in entirety.

Also, consider tagging relevant influencers in your description, which can help increase visibility and engagement.

Tip #7: Maintain Consistency and Engage with Your Audience

Consistent posting and active engagement with your audience are critical for algorithmic favorability. Having a regular posting schedule ensures your followers know when to expect new content.

After posting, engage with your audience via polls or Q&A sessions. Collaboration with other influencers and sharing their content can also help expand your following, consequently leading to more views.

Why Should You Aim for More Views on Instagram?

Whether you’re promoting a product, service, or working on personal branding, more views on Instagram can benefit you significantly.

  • Attract potential followers: High view counts often imply reliability, attracting potential followers to your profile.
  • Higher retention rate: Consistent views can lead to a loyal audience, who’ll frequently engage with your content.
  • More reactions: A greater number of views increases the chances of more followers, making your profile appear more trustworthy.


Achieving the first 1000 views on Instagram may initially seem daunting, but armed with the right tactics, it becomes a feasible target. Timely posting, audience engagement, staying updated with trends, and employing relevant hashtags can enhance your post visibility and help you reach your milestone faster.

So gear up to celebrate your first 1000 views on Instagram!