Are you curious about the latest releases and exclusive content on Paramount Plus but not ready to commit to a subscription just yet? You’re in luck! Paramount Plus offers a free trial for new subscribers, allowing you to explore their vast library of content without spending a dime. This article will guide you through the process of signing up for a Paramount Plus Free Trial.

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, is a popular streaming service that combines content from CBS and Paramount Pictures. It offers over 30,000 hours of content from networks like BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and more. As of 2023, Paramount Plus has amassed 46 million subscribers, making it a significant player in the streaming industry.

How to Get a Paramount Plus Free Trial

Getting your hands on a Paramount Plus free trial is straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Paramount Plus website. Remember, the free trial is only available through the website and not through the app.
  2. Click on the “Try it Free” button on the home page.
  3. Select the Premium plan and choose monthly billing.
  4. Create an account or log in if you’ve subscribed to Paramount Plus before.
  5. On the final checkout page, confirm that a “One month FREE” trial offer appears.

What Can You Watch on Paramount Plus?

During your free trial, you’ll have unlimited access to Paramount Plus’s extensive library. This includes original TV shows and movies such as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Halo, The Offer, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. You can also catch up on CBS reality series like Survivor and Big Brother, and enjoy live sports coverage including football, NFL, March Madness, and The Women’s Cup.

What Happens After the Free Trial?

Once your free trial expires, you can choose from several subscription options. The Essential plan costs $4.99 per month and includes ads, while the Premium plan is ad-free and costs $9.99 per month. There’s also a combined Paramount Plus and Showtime package for $11.99 per month for the Essential option and $14.99 per month for the Premium option.

Remember, your account will be automatically charged after the free trial unless you cancel before the last day. So, set a reminder to evaluate whether you want to continue with the service or cancel it before the trial period ends.

Wrapping Up

Paramount Plus offers a fantastic opportunity to explore its content through a free trial. Whether you’re a fan of classic TV shows, blockbuster movies, or live sports, there’s something for everyone. So why wait? Start your Paramount Plus Free Trial today and dive into a world of entertainment!