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Why do you need to buy a real and permanent US number?

If you have a business or personal activity, And you wish to work or are currently working with clients from the USA, You must buy a permanent US number in your name, not fake or temporary. Do not worry, there is no setup fee, but rather two dollars per month for the number like any other telecom company. There are many benefits of buying US numbers, including:

Make your business and services more global and reliable

So that your company looks bigger and more legit when buying an American number, Most employers and potential clients in the United States of America do not prefer to deal with companies that are not American or have no knowledge of the American market, Thus, the American number is the first thing that appears to the customer when you communicate with him.

Without it, you might lose a lot of potential customers. Especially if your field of work is remote technical services such as marketing, training and consulting. According to our experience, US customers are 80% more likely to answer calls from US numbers. in addition to, You can buy a US phone number for certain states.

Very low international calling fee

When purchasing a US number, there are no international calling fees when calling your customers residing in the United States. Yes, these calls within America are always free of charge. In addition to very low prices and less than the prices of local telecommunications companies at their best for international calls to all countries of the world.

Even many of my customers use the American number service in their international calls even if the receiving party is not based in America, Because it is cheaper and the call quality is often higher (at least on our authenticated American numbers service)

The ability to receive and send SMS messages

The ability to activate accounts of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and any other site with your American number, which gives you access to a market in which customers are willing to pay money for your services more than customers of other countries. The number is capable of sending and receiving mobile messages without any filtering.

You do not need additional equipment or telephone devices

You can buy an American mobile number using communications programs on smart devices. Buying a real US phone number is an easy process that only takes a few minutes to set up. Instead of having to work with local phone service providers which are of course more than 5 times the cost of our service.

In addition to creating an expensive infrastructure, Wait weeks for it to be prepared. It is a permanent regular number with the full powers of any other regular US number, because it is documented with a passport, ID, or driver’s license.

Ease of use from your mobile phone

All this is done through the use of your computer and your mobile device through a standalone phone application inside your mobile phone that works with the same advantages as your mobile phone in terms of reception, sending, messages and call transfer It is an international phone within your local phone without any additional charges to your local network.

Notice: Most of the international companies think that Google Voice number would be useful, But this is not possible. You can only create a Google Voice account if you have a US phone number to verify your account. There are a lot of Google Voice alternatives that can help you to get a US phone number.

American number to activate Father Store, Google Play and WhatsApp

You can activate any application with your American number from WhatsApp to the Father Store and others, and here is the way through the best American numbers site ready to register from the operator Zadarma You can receive activation codes messages smoothly and receive calls for free, in addition to its other uses as an additional regular number in your mobile phone.

How to get a real US mobile number!

1. Create an account on the service provider’s website and activate it

In the first step in order to purchase an American number, we will create a new account using your personal email and your current local mobile number in your country. Here is an explanation in a video tutorial of the steps to follow in order at the end of this paragraph, This step ends when you send an activation code to your mobile phone and enter the code as shown in the end of the video. Is done Register a new account for free from here

The activation code may be delayed for a few minutes on the e-mail, and this is normal and varies from one e-mail to another. Sometimes you get there. Likewise, the activation code on the mobile may be delayed or not received from the first attempt. Therefore, you have to try again by putting 0 before the local mobile number after choosing the country of course. Try again without the 0.

Because this depends on the operator of each country, as well as the option of voice calling to obtain the authentication code, and this step is carried out for the first time only.

2. Buy an American mobile number with a number of your choice

At this stage, you will choose the country from which you will buy the number, and it is often America unless you have interest in another country, But they are all ordered the same way.

American phone numbers are available for each state of the United States and all you have to do is choose the state or city from which the number will be and then search for a specific number, choose it and finish the purchase process, and the number is free without establishment fees, but there are monthly fees of $ 2 for the number and sometimes it is less or more for some Countries other than America. Here’s a video explanation of this step

3. Authenticate the American number with a passport or driver’s license

This step is the most important step, You cannot continue using the service unless you implement it. In order for your number to be reliable and able to receive and send calls and SMS messages, the number must be authenticated with an identity according to the terms of the telecommunications authorities in all countries of the world, including the United States of America.

This step is easy, and there is a video explaining how to verify your account below. After submitting your papers on the site, You will receive a response within one working day, and try to make the photos clear so that you are not asked to upload them again. A selfie with ID, passport, or driver’s license may be requested to ensure that you are the real person behind this account.

4. Activate sending and receiving short messages on the American number

Now the last step, and it is important for those who need the number to activate social networks and messaging applications with an American identity to do their work with a professional identity. This step includes the ability to control the number that will appear during transmission (your original number or the American number) and the ability to transfer the message to your local number as well.

Now the activated account has been obtained and an American mobile number authenticated with its full capabilities and legally has been completed. The next stage will be an explanation of how to connect it to your local mobile for communication and reception without the need to own an additional mobile. This explanation is also in the video to explain how this is done.

How to link your US number with your local number on the same mobile!

There is a service provider application on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac OS devices, shown below. You can use them all together so that you can use the service on the mobile phone and on the computer, according to your convenience and need.

When you download the free application (it does not contain any ads) on your mobile phone or computer, you will have all the following benefits of the American number:

  • Receive calls on the application for free, whether incoming calls from inside America or from abroad, Cool isn’t it 🙂
  • Conducting local and international outgoing calls at rates equivalent to one-fourth of the cost of local telecommunications companies in the Arab countries. For example, calling Saudi Arabia for 50 halalas per minute.
  • Control the number you want to appear with the recipient (either your primary number or the US number)
  • The ability to transfer communications between the main and US numbers from the application or program settings.
  • Support instant notifications to receive incoming calls without interruption and extend battery life.
  • Immediately send and receive short text messages that also connect to your primary mobile phone (free option is available).
  • The ability to temporarily disable the account in the application and set to receive incoming calls only through the Wi-Fi network to provide Internet packages.
  • Automatic synchronization with your contacts (including copying of numbers if desired).
  • Account balance and cost of calls to various destinations are displayed directly upon calling.
  • If you are outside your country and want to contact your customers and friends and do not want to activate or use the expensive roaming service, Well this is the solution for you.

Download the Android app

Download the iPhone app

Before downloading the application, Make sure you have opened the account and activated it, Because there is no option to do this in the app, Only you can log in to the app, You can stop the service whenever you want, as there is no conditional contract for the period of use. With this, I have explained to you the way to obtain a permanent and real American number that makes you feel stable in your work with your customers in America and the rest of the world.
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