Ever spotted a transparent profile picture on TikTok and wished to have one? You’re in the right place.

Transparent photos are trending. Erasing your profile picture’s background gives it a sophisticated touch, enhancing its appeal.

Quick Answer: Want a transparent profile photo on TikTok? Note that the transparent feature is available only for Android devices. Plus, TikTok doesn’t offer a transparency feature. So, you’ll need to upload an already transparent photo or make your picture transparent, then upload it using an Android device.

What’s a Transparent Profile Picture on TikTok?

A transparent picture lacks a background. Say you snapped a selfie inside a car; you can remove the car, showcasing just your face.

On TikTok, unlike typical profile photos encircled, a transparent TikTok photo appears centered on a blank canvas.

How to Get a Transparent Picture

Transparent profile photos for TikTok have a unique charm.

  • Makes your account stand out
  • Attracts more followers
  • Avoids profile pictures obnoxiously covering parts of your content

However, TikTok neither provides nor permits in-app background removal. It does, though, let you upload a transparent image if you’re on an Android phone.

How to Turn Your Picture Transparent

Converting your image into a transparent one is key for an appealing TikTok profile. Here’s how:

Online Tools:

  1. Go to platforms like PicWish.
  2. Click on “Upload Image”.
  3. Choose the desired image for transparency.
  4. Let PicWish do the background removal.

Mobile Apps:

  1. Download Apowersoft Background Eraser from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch it.
  3. Tap “Remove Person Background”, and upload your image.
  4. The app will auto-remove the background.

Online Transparent Image Search:

  • Search for “transparent image” online.

Setting Your Transparent TikTok Profile Picture

Got your transparent picture? Time to set it as your TikTok profile.


  1. Launch TikTok and log in.
  2. Hit “Edit Profile”.
  3. Find and tap “Change Photo”.
  4. Choose “Select from Gallery” and pick your transparent photo.
  5. After uploading, tap “Confirm”, and adjust the cropping if needed.
  6. Lastly, click “Save”.


A transparent TikTok profile picture enhances viewer experience, ensuring your content isn’t obscured.

We’ve discussed what a transparent TikTok profile picture is, how to create one, and the steps to set it up on TikTok. Remember, use an Android device for the transparent profile upload.


Can I upload a transparent TikTok profile picture on my iPhone?

No. TikTok permits transparent profile photos only via Android. If on iPhone, borrow an Android to change your picture, then switch back to your iPhone.

Can I make a TikTok transparent profile picture?

Absolutely! Though TikTok lacks this feature, we’ve highlighted how you can convert or directly download transparent images for your TikTok profile.

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