Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are known for communication, but they also serve as avenues for advertisers and publishers to make money. In this article, you will discover the monetization opportunities Snapchat offers its users in 2023.

What is Snapchat and how does it work?

Snapchat is an instant messaging social network for exchanging photos, videos, and chat messages. Private messages are automatically deleted once viewed. Its audience primarily consists of young people under the age of 25.

How to Make Money From Snapchat

1. Snap Ads

Small and large businesses alike use Snap Ads to make money. There are different types of ads that can effectively engage your audience:

Single Image or Video Ads

Full-screen ads that feature a single image or video. Simply add an attachment and allow Snapchatters to swipe up and take action.

Story Ads

A series of 3 to 20 single image or video ads, integrated into content or showcased through a branded tile in Snapchat’s Discover section.

Collection Ads

A collection ad displays four clickable tiles that showcase various products, offering users an easy way to browse and shop.

Commercial Ads

Commercial ads aim to engage the audience and boost brand awareness. They are non-skippable for six seconds and can last up to three minutes.


Snapchat Geofilters enable users to add location-based filters to their photos. Businesses use this feature to reach more people and place ads through users who apply the filter within a specific location.

Snapchat Spotlight

Spotlight is a Snapchat feature similar to TikTok, showcasing the most entertaining 60-second videos created by users in a dedicated section.

Additionally, Snapchat offers over a million dollars in funding for the best Spotlight clips. These few winners, among 249 million users, are chosen through an algorithm based on unique view count and popularity.

Monetizing Snapchat Traffic with Display Ads

If you have a substantial following on Snapchat, you can earn revenue from ads. To generate passive income from ads, redirect Snapchat traffic to a dedicated landing page with special offers or giveaways.

The concept is straightforward:

  1. Publish an appealing offer for your followers, such as an online course, promotion code, or product discounts.
  2. Create a landing page displaying your offer.
  3. Acquire ad codes from a reputable advertising network, and place them on your landing page.
  4. Finally, persuade your Snapchat followers to visit your landing page.
  5. As your followers explore the special offers on your site, they will also see non-intrusive ads.

By incorporating these monetization strategies, you can effectively leverage Snapchat to generate revenue and grow your online presence.

The Most Profitable Ad Codes

The most lucrative ad codes with a user-friendly UX are Popunders, Social Bar, Native Banners, and Direct Link. You can start with Adsterra’s Direct Link, a simple URL that can be attached to any text or image. Avoid overusing ads, as they can deter users.

The Most Profitable Ad Codes

So, how do you make money from the traffic you direct from Snapchat to your landing page? Sign up as a Publisher and add a landing page URL to your Adsterra account. After a brief verification, you’ll be able to use any ad format on the landing page. Adsterra will track the number of ad views, the quality of your traffic, and user interaction with the ads. This is how you’ll receive payments twice a month.

By strategically utilizing the most profitable ad codes and working with platforms like Adsterra, you can effectively monetize your Snapchat traffic and generate consistent revenue. Remember to maintain a balance between ads and content to ensure a positive user experience.

2. Build a Profitable Audience

The first major step with Snapchat is creating an organic audience. When you sign up for the app, add your mobile contacts. Add as many users as you can, and you can always unfollow them later.

People you add will receive a notification. This is free advertising and will help increase your follower count.

3. Publish Viral Photos and Videos

The easiest way to gain followers and make money is by posting memorable content. It’s important to share images or videos that interest your audience regularly. To monetize with Snapchat:

Offer Your Influencer Consulting Services If you have a large following on other social media platforms, you can complement that popularity with Snapchat. This way, you can start charging for each post you make on your account. You can also share your journey to becoming an influencer with new users and advise them on how to achieve it.

3. Become an Expert in Designing Snapchat Filters

Snapchat users can design their own filters for an initial cost of $5. Geolocation filters provide the option to create and publish geofilters for events. It’s a fun way to collaborate with consumers when decorating their posts. Snapchat has a section with instructions for creating filters:

How to Get More Snapchat Followers Quickly?

1. Define Your Strategy

To build a community on Snapchat, establish a clear strategy. This way, you avoid wasting resources and time. Your plan should outline measurable objectives to achieve within a specific timeframe.

2. Get Inspired by Other Accounts or Brands

Learn from the most successful Snapchat accounts without copying them exactly. You can visit the section dedicated to showcasing the most-viewed stories on the platform for inspiration.

3. Use Analytical Data

Snapchat has its own analytics section. If you develop a strategy to increase your followers, a basic step is to observe the numbers presented in this section. This allows you to make adjustments to meet your plan’s objectives.

4. Share Your Snapchat Code Everywhere

This allows users to add you by taking a photo of the code from the app. You can post it on your website or other social media platforms. This way, it’s easier and faster to build a solid friend base on Snapchat.

5. Pay for Mentions

You can pay a popular Snapchat account to promote your profile and suggest their followers follow you. If you have an audience of over a thousand followers, you can offer a mention exchange. This method is the most cost-effective and efficient way to gain new followers.

By following these strategies, you can build and grow a profitable audience on Snapchat, making it easier to monetize your content and increase your online presence.

More Advanced Techniques to Increase Your Snapchat Views

1. Connect Your Stories with Events

Post your Snapchat stories and link them to local events. Users will start to recognize you. Then, you can promote your content on Facebook, targeting people in your niche.

2. Buy an Account with Followers

If you want to avoid the tedious task of growing your account, you can simply buy a popular Snapchat profile. Some users gather followers and then sell these accounts to new users seeking exposure. It’s a solid alternative but not cost-effective.

3. Upload Creative Content

Many people gain followers by creating posts with trendy songs, memes, or funny videos. If you enjoy this, you can generate such content and watch your follower count increase.

4. Hold Giveaways

Hosting giveaways is an excellent option to increase your views. Offer an exciting prize and encourage your audience to participate with the sole requirement of being your follower. It’s also helpful to ask your followers to promote the giveaway and your profile in their stories.

How Much Can You Earn with Snapchat?

It’s impossible to calculate an exact figure, as it depends on the number of followers on your Snapchat profile. The numbers range from $50 to $15,000. Advertising, content quality, and impact on a specific community influence the amount of money you can earn.


In closing, here are some tips:

  • Be Consistent:
    The most popular influencers post content several times a week. They aim to entertain and inform their followers with current news.
  • Be Valuable to Your Niche:
    Your content should serve a useful purpose so that people don’t unfollow you and you can grow your audience. The quality of your videos and photos is essential, so invest time in it.

Snapchat can become the right platform to increase your brand or business’s passive income.┬áBy following these advanced techniques and prioritizing consistency and relevance, you can boost your Snapchat views and generate a significant income from the platform.