Sound quality on Phones is a common concern among users, as a poor microphone can ruin a conversation or an important recording. Fortunately, there are several ways to enhance your Phone microphone quality, from cleaning the microphone to using an external microphone.

That’s why today, we’ll show you multiple methods to ensure you sound perfect in a work meeting or when talking to friends. There are both software and manual options to improve microphone quality, so it’s worth knowing them all.

Improve Your Phone Microphone

Enhancing the quality of your smartphone’s microphone is pretty straightforward and doesn’t involve much complexity. Here are all the tricks you can use:

Check the Audio Output

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It’s essential to make sure the microphone isn’t obstructed by dust, dirt, or other objects. Obstruction can significantly affect sound quality and make it sound muffled. To clean the microphone, you can use a soft brush or a gentle cloth to remove any dirt.

Position Your Phone Properly

When recording a video or making a call, ensure the microphone is pointing in the right direction. On most Phones, the microphone is located at the bottom of the phone, near the headphone jack. If you’re on a call, make sure the microphone is close to your mouth so the person on the other end can hear you clearly.

Activate Noise Reduction

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Most smartphones have a background noise reduction feature that can help improve sound quality. This option filters out unwanted background noise, such as wind or crowd noise, to enhance sound quality.

Use an External Microphone for Recordings

If you want to record a high-quality video or interview, you can use an external microphone that connects to your Phone. There are various types of microphones available on the market, from lavalier to directional ones. These microphones plug into your device’s headphone port and significantly improve sound quality.

Download Audio Video Noise Reducer App

Numerous audio recording apps are available in app stores, offering a wide range of features, from noise cancellation to audio editing. These apps can help significantly improve sound quality and make your recording sound more professional.

Update Your Phone

It’s essential to check that your phone is updated with the latest operating system version. In some cases, a software update can improve microphone quality and resolve any sound issues. Check your settings to see if there’s an update available, as it could be the root of the problem.