If you are fed up with the slow download speed on your Xiaomi Chrome Browser then here is the best trick where you can Increase the Download Speed of your Chrome browser on Xiaomi Smartphone.

How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome Xiaomi

To optimize your download speed in Chrome on your Xiaomi device, adhere to the steps detailed below. This involves enabling the parallel downloading feature, a built-in functionality that accelerates download speeds.

Step 1: Launch Chrome on Xiaomi

Start by opening the Chrome browser on your Xiaomi device. This is your starting point for accessing the settings that need to be adjusted.

Step 2: Access Chrome Flags

Next, in the address bar at the top of your screen, input the following: chrome://flags/. This will guide you to the Experimental Features page in Chrome.

Step 3: Navigate to Search Flags

At the top of the Experimental Features page, you’ll see a search bar labeled “Search Flags”. This tool allows you to locate specific settings.

Step 4: Find Parallel Downloading

In the Search Flags bar, type “Parallel Downloading”. This will bring up a specific settings section for parallel downloading.

Enable parallel downloading in Chrome Browser for Android to Increase Download Speed

Step 5: Enable Parallel Downloading

You’ll notice a dropdown menu under Parallel Downloading. Choose the “Enabled” option from this menu. Once you’ve made this selection, you’ll see a prompt at the bottom of your screen asking you to relaunch the browser. Remember, the changes you’ve made will only take effect the next time you launch Chrome.

Parallel Downloading in Chrome is a powerful tool that can significantly increase download speed. It is available for various platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Xiaomi, and Fuchsia.

After you’ve relaunched or restarted Chrome, you should notice an increase in download speed. This simple adjustment can make a significant difference to your browsing experience on Xiaomi devices.

Additionally, you can check out the video tutorial below, which visually guides you on how to enhance download speeds on the Chrome browser for Xiaomi smartphones or tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my download speed in Chrome for Xiaomi?

Enable the Parallel Downloading feature within the Chrome flags settings. This tool increases download speeds by simultaneously downloading different parts of a file.

What is Parallel Downloading in Chrome?

Parallel Downloading is a feature that allows Chrome to download different pieces of a file simultaneously, leading to faster download speeds.

How do I enable Parallel Downloading in Chrome?

Navigate to Chrome flags (chrome://flags/) and search for Parallel Downloading. Choose the “Enabled” option from the dropdown menu, and then relaunch your browser.

Does Parallel Downloading work on other platforms aside from Xiaomi?

Yes, Parallel Downloading is available for multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Xiaomi, and Fuchsia.

Will the changes take effect immediately after enabling Parallel Downloading?

No, the changes will only apply after you’ve relaunched or restarted your Chrome browser.