GTA V is widely considered one of the best games in history, loved by all game enthusiasts. While waiting for the release of the next part of the series, some players cannot wait and want more from the game.

Luckily, there is a way to install GTA V mods for free! Although the development of mods is not officially supported by Rockstar, players have developed programs dedicated to installing and running mods. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of installing GTA V mods on your PC.

I will try to cover all bases, including installing replacement car mods with tuning parts, add-on car parts, packaged installers, trainer mods, script mods, .NET scripts that are DLL files, and tips for bug fixing some issues when you install car mods.

Can I install Grand Theft Auto V Mods on Game Consoles?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to install mods on consoles, so this guide is exclusively for PC players. Please note that most of these mods only work in the offline phase.

3 Methods for installing Grand Theft Auto V Mods for Free

There are three methods for installing different types of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V):

  1. Replace files: To replace files, you have to locate the original game file you want to modify, make a backup of it, and then replace it with the modded file. This method is often used for car or weapon mods.
  2. Add-ons: Add-ons are mods that add new content to the game without replacing any of the original files. This method is used for adding new cars, weapons, or game modes to the game.
  3. Script mods: Script mods are mods that use script files to modify the behavior of the game. These mods include trainer mods that add cheats and other features, as well as mods that change the game’s visuals or add new missions or events. To install script mods, you need to use a program like OpenIV, which allows you to modify the game’s files and run script files.

GTA V Mod Installation Guide

GTA V Mod Files Download Sites

After installing all necessary applications and files, you can start downloading and playing with mods. Most of the GTA V mods are available on the GTA5-Mods website, which is a very popular site. After downloading the mod, put it in the game folder in the following way: Steam folder -> Steamapps folder -> Commons folder -> GTA V folder -> addins folder.

To activate the mod, press the activation button, which varies from one mod to another. You can find it on the mod download page or in the Readme file located inside the mod file.

Download and Install OpenIV Add-on

OpenIV is one of the necessary applications to run mods that add new areas to the map or modify them. Before downloading the application, make a backup copy of the game files as it radically changes the game files. Download and install OpenIV from here.

Once you have installed OpenIV, you will have the ability to install ASI mods, such as the Menus PC mod. To install this mod, go to and download the latest version of the mod. Unzip the downloaded file and move everything to the base folder of GTA 5.

If the mod does not work, you may need to download the latest version of the ASI loader from the website “” and follow the same installation process.

As a bonus, when you download the latest version of the ASI loader, you will also get a native trainer. However, it is recommended to use this trainer with caution as it may cause issues in the game. To install the trainer, simply follow the same installation process as the Menus PC mod.

Download and Install Community Script Hook V .NET

This program is necessary to run mods programmed in a special language. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 package. You can skip this step if your Windows version is 10 or above.
  2. Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
  3. Download the Script Hook file from here, and put its files in the Steam folder -> Steamapps folder -> Commons folder -> GTA V folder.

How to Delete Grand Theft Auto V Mods

Some mods may work in the online phase, but they may be tracked as cheating programs and could lead to a ban from the online phase. Therefore, it is essential to be careful when using them. If you encounter any unwanted changes or mods, you can easily delete them by following these steps:

  1. Open the Steam app
  2. Open the Games Library
  3. Right-click on GTA V and select Properties
  4. Click on the Local Files option, then click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

With these steps, you can delete all mods and re-download any modified files.


Now that you have followed these steps, you can download and install any mod for GTA V! Enjoy the endless possibilities of the game with new mods.