Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, allows users to decide whether to make their profile public or private. This feature provides a great level of privacy control. Additionally, with the platform’s algorithm updates, users can now tailor their content to suit their preferences.

One of Instagram’s features allows users to mute people, an alternative to ‘unfollowing’. It is particularly helpful when you do not want to unfollow someone but wish to avoid their content on your news feed or stories section. While useful for followers, this feature can negatively affect content creators and their overall reach. If you’re curious about knowing who might have muted you on Instagram, this article offers some helpful tips.

What Does It Mean to Mute Someone on Instagram and How Do You Do It?

Muting someone on Instagram is different from unfollowing. When you unfollow someone, especially a private profile, you lose access to their content. Their posts, stories, and messages are no longer visible to you.

On the contrary, when you mute someone, you continue to follow them, but their content no longer appears on your News Feed. However, you can still access their content by visiting their profile.

There are three types of mute on Instagram:

  1. Muting Direct Messages

    If someone mutes your direct messages, they no longer receive notifications when you message them. Here’s how to mute direct messages:

    • Open your Instagram inbox (tap the icon in the top right corner of your homepage).
    • Swipe left on a particular person’s message.
    • Select “Mute” – you will no longer receive message notifications from them.
  2. Muting Stories

    Muting someone’s story means their stories will no longer appear in your stories section. Here’s how:

    • Open the story of the person you want to mute.
    • Find the colon in the upper right corner and tap on it.
    • Select “Mute”, and you will no longer see their stories.
  3. Muting Posts

    If you wish to avoid seeing someone’s posts on your timeline, you can mute them. Here’s how:

    • Find their post on your timeline and click on the three dots at the top right of the post.
    • Click on “Hide”, and Instagram will hide the current publication.
    • You’ll also be given additional options including “Mute XX” with the username, enabling you to mute the account.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Muted You on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not directly notify you if someone has muted your profile. However, you can use some indirect methods to ascertain if someone has muted you.

Check Their Interaction with Your Content

When someone mutes you, your content no longer appears directly on their feed, resulting in reduced interaction. If a person previously liked and commented on your posts actively but suddenly stops, you can:

  • Check if they’ve unfollowed you.
  • Check if they are still active on Instagram.
  • Check if they actively engage with other people’s content.

If everything checks out and you notice that a particular person is active but not interacting with your content, they’ve likely muted you.

Monitor Their Views on Your Stories

If someone mutes your Instagram stories, they no longer appear in their story section. Therefore, if you notice a habitual absence of their views on your stories, they might have muted you.

Use the “Close Friends” Feature

Instagram allows users to restrict their story viewership to a select group via the ‘Close Friends’ feature. Add the person you suspect to your close friends’ group and monitor if they view your stories over a few days. If they consistently fail to view your stories, it’s likely they’ve muted you.


While there’s no straightforward method to confirm if someone has muted you on Instagram, the aforementioned tips can help you deduce it. By checking for interactions on your posts, monitoring story views, and using the ‘Close Friends’ feature, you can identify who might be avoiding your content without unfollowing you.