Many of us enjoy using WhatsApp audio or video calls to communicate with our loved ones over the internet.

WhatsApp is a global app; when you have loved ones at different locations, you can comfortably make a WhatsApp call with them. Some users tend to record WhatsApp calls for their use. It could be someone wanting to record the call for reference.

Why Record a WhatsApp Call?

WhatsApp allows you to call people in your contacts, including phone numbers you haven’t saved on your contact, provided you know how.

With WhatsApp, you can initiate a voice or video call to your friend, and when they accept your call, you can enjoy the pleasure of the call. Moreover, you can participate in a WhatsApp group call.

When you’re on a WhatsApp call, someone can decide to save the WhatsApp call on their storage. Therefore, they may choose to record the WhatsApp call.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have a built-in recording option. Also, WhatsApp does not trigger notifications when someone starts recording your call.

Before recording someone on WhatsApp, it’s best to obtain their consent as it violates their privacy. Someone might have ill intentions behind recording a WhatsApp call, and knowing when someone starts recording the WhatsApp call can help you avoid unnecessary clashes.

A person using an iPhone can use the built-in screen recorder to record a WhatsApp call. The recorder will record the video and audio for the given WhatsApp call. For Android devices, you can install a third-party recording app. The installed app can be started and stopped during the WhatsApp call.

How to Know If Your WhatsApp Call is Being Recorded

Unlike platforms like Snapchat, which will warn you when someone even takes a screenshot, WhatsApp does not have such a feature to warn you when someone records the call.

Moreover, WhatsApp has not put any measures in place to ensure that someone cannot record your WhatsApp call. Therefore, you should be cautious on a WhatsApp call as you have a minimal chance of knowing if someone is recording your WhatsApp call.

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Nonetheless, there are different things you can look out for to know if someone is recording your WhatsApp call.

  • Recorder Beep

    Sometimes, you might hear the beep sound of the person’s recorder.

    You might have heard the beep when they started or stopped recording, confirming they were recording the WhatsApp call.

  • Ask Them

    When you suspect someone is recording the WhatsApp call, you can directly ask them and see how they react.

    Some may openly give an authentic answer, while others will rush to deny it.

  • They Hold a Recorder

    When you’re on a video call and you notice your friend holding a recorder, they are probably recording the WhatsApp call’s audio.

    If you notice, ask the person what they are doing with the recorder.

  • Nature of the Call

    Although it’s not guaranteed evidence, the way the conversation goes might also imply someone is recording your WhatsApp call.

    If you notice the WhatsApp call taking an interrogative approach, the person might be asking you questions as part of their hidden agenda since they are recording the WhatsApp call.


WhatsApp does not offer a feature you can use to know if someone is recording your WhatsApp call.

However, there are different hints you can look for to suggest someone is recording the WhatsApp call.