Do you want to create a fake Snapchat? Are you ready to give your friends goosebumps? Snapchat is a well-known platform where you can interact with your friends 24/7. Here you share bitmojis, texts, and snaps. But what if you want to prank your friend? You cannot use your original Snapchat for this. You must know how to create a fake Snapchat!

Quick answer: There are three ways to create a fake Snapchat. You can use another email address or phone number to create a fake Snapchat account. If this sounds risky and too much work, you can generate a fake Snapchat chat. Your friends will be frightened as well. Another solution is to seek help from a third-party website to fake credentials.

It will take you a few minutes to create a fake Snapchat. However, it will be much more fun once you finish the job. You can send bomb messages to your friends’ chat boxes. You can also play “guess who” with them.

We have covered all the possible solutions to help you create a fake Snapchat. Scroll down to follow our in-depth guide!

What is a fake Snapchat used for?

Snapchat is infamous for its frauds and scams, and people tend to believe scammers. In return, they ask you for personal information, photos, money, etc. As Snapchat offers screenshots and screen recording notifications, users believe that they won’t be fooled on Snapchat.

This is why you should be aware of these scams on all social platforms. Another innocent and doable reason to fake Snapchat can be to annoy your friends. We really hope that you will use fake Snapchat with pure intentions and not hurt or mentally exploit anyone.

Do not harass people: Do not use your fake Snapchat to intimidate, torture or expose anyone. Using fake accounts for the wrong reasons may result in your account being flagged. If things get worse, you may have to pay for your crime, even if your account is fake.

How to Create a Fake Snapchat Account

A fake Snapchat account can be your best friend if you want to trick your friends. You can send bogus messages to your friends to check their answers. Encourage them to confess and take a screenshot of it. Send the screenshot to them and make fun of your friends.

Don’t worry, they won’t get tired of you. It’s just a lie to help you find your friends. Without further ado, take the bandwagon. It’s time to irritate your friends to the highest degree.

Method #1: Create a fake Snapchat account using another email address

In this method, you will learn how to create a fake Snapchat account with different IDs. If you have more than one email id/phone number, here’s what you need to do!

  1. Log out of your “current Snapchat account” or download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Register and press Continue.
  3. Enter your name, but not your real name.
  4. Enter your date of birth, but do not indicate your actual date of birth.
  5. Set a strong password.
  6. At this point, enter another email or phone number.

In this simple way you can create a fake Snapchat. If that sounds like a difficult task, there’s another way to piss off your friend!

Use another email: Only use the email account or phone that is not associated with another Snapchat account. Be careful not to keep the same password for your original Snapchat account and for the fake Snapchat account. Otherwise, your account details may overlap. This can make things complicated,

Method #2: Create a fake Snapchat chat using a third-party generator

Your friends can be badass. They may recognize you or not respond to your fake Snapchat account. Here is one thing you can do to fool your friends.

  1. Follow this Fake Snapchat Chat Generator link.
  2. The template will help you to create a fake snapchat chat.
  3. Adjust screenshot details.

This way you can even change phone model, usernames – literally everything. The website helps you to get flawless fake Snapchat messages. You can enter your username for person 1. For person 2, keep any celebrity name. Check your friends’ reaction when you tell them you are in contact with a public figure.

Create Fake Snapchat: Follow the link to get fake Snapchat. Add credentials and details that are not used. So you can make fun of your friends without them knowing.


We hope you have found the solution to your problem. We have listed all the possible methods to create a fake Snapchat. So what are you waiting for? Follow our instructions and joke around with your friends. Let’s see if they’ll fall for it or not!