Wix, a renowned website builder, offers a myriad of customization options for your website. One such feature that can elevate the aesthetics of your site is the transparent header. In this article, we’ll delve into the steps to make your Wix website header transparent, based on the tutorial by Pixel & Bracket.

Steps to Make a Transparent Header in Wix

  1. Previewing the Site: Begin by previewing your Wix website. If your header is set to freeze at the top, it will scroll down with the content, potentially covering elements with its background.
  2. Accessing the Editor: Navigate back to the Wix editor. Click on the header section. You might need to select it twice to access the menu options.
  3. Changing Header Design: Once you’ve clicked on the header, an option labeled ‘Change Header Design’ will appear. Click on it to access the design settings.
  4. Selecting No Color: Within the ‘Change Header Design’ settings, under ‘Seamed Headers’, you’ll find an option labeled ‘No Color’. By selecting this, you’re essentially making the header transparent. Even if it doesn’t appear transparent in the editor (especially if your site background is white), the header will not have a fill color.
  5. Previewing the Transparent Header: After making the header transparent, preview your site again. As you scroll, you’ll notice that the header no longer has a background, allowing the content to scroll seamlessly beneath it.
  6. Additional Adjustments: If your menu items still have a background, you might need to make further adjustments to ensure they’re transparent as well. This can be done by accessing the menu settings and selecting the appropriate design options.


A transparent header can add a touch of sophistication to your Wix website, allowing for a more immersive user experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily achieve this design feature, ensuring your website stands out. Remember, while aesthetics are essential, always ensure that your site remains user-friendly and navigable, even with design changes.