This article discusses the differences between the types of US business entities, Corporation and LLC, and their functions. A US resident can incorporate a company in one of the states with little to no paperwork, while a foreign national or company intending to do business in the US through Delaware should form a Delaware corporation. Once registered, a company name is only protected in the state where it is incorporated and in any state in which it is registered to do business.

A US corporation or LLC can have as many shareholders as it wants, regardless of where they are from or whether they are individuals or other businesses. An LLC can choose to be taxed as a corporation, but if An LLC are planning to do choose could just form a corporation instead.

LLCs are a relatively new type of business entity, and they work differently than other US business entities. For example, an LLC is not subject to double taxation the same way a corporation is. If you are a non-US resident from India wishing to incorporate your business in the US, it is important to understand the differences between these two entities and how they work.

LLCs are insulated from the personal liability of the shareholders and corporations are taxed differently. LLCs offer limited liability to their members and pay no corporate income tax; instead, profits and losses pass through to the members who file individual tax returns. Foreign-controlled corporations pay the same tax rate as US companies but also have additional filing requirements.

The setup of a C Corporation company is more complicated than an LLC, as it requires managing a corporation with more than one shareholder and the shareholders must be US citizens or legal residents. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is different from a Corporation in that it stays a corporation, but provides limited liability for its members. LLCs have insulated compliance requirements and managing members must be either US citizens or legal residents.

Incorporating an LLC as a foreign national in the US

To make an LLC in the USA from India, one must first form a Delaware Corporation and register their business with the Secretary of State in the state they are conducting business. Depending on the state, an imposed corporate tax may be applicable to the corporation.

Once incorporated, a company can then register as a foreign national with other states where they wish to conduct business. By filing appropriate documents with each respective state filing office, along with applicable filing fees, they can register their corporation in another state such as California by filing appropriate documents and fees through that state’s Secretary of State office. Foreign nationals must also provide proof of their legal status for registering businesses in the US.

To make an LLC in the US from India, you must first register your business with the proper state or local agencies. It is recommended to register most companies in incorporation friendly states to make sure your business establishes legal protection.

You must conduct your business activities inside the US, such as making clients, leasing a warehouse, opening a store, hiring full time employees or opening an office. The activities may be conducted in more than one state but only one state needs to be established for physical presence as this creates hard nexus for taxation purposes. If you are considering incorporating in multiple states then it is important to establish physical presence by creating hard nexus in each of those states.

Registering an LLC in the US and establishing physical presence

To make LLC in USA from India, you need to sign legal documents, set up a registered agent, and provide a physical address. A registered agent is a person or company that is located in the United States of America and must be present to receive any state documents. In addition, you must provide business hours for your LLC and a physical address for the entity. After you have completed all of these steps, you can then incorporate your LLC by signing the necessary documents in the state that you wish to form your business.

Make sure to provide the required identification evidence and documentation form filing. Additionally, all LLCs must have at least two members or directors, so you will need to provide KYC documentation alongwith the proposed company name. Documents like passport, proof of address, proof of ID and other required information must be provided for each director or member associated with the LLC.

After successful documentation has been provided, you will then need to prove your passport address and ID proof in order to make your LLC alongwith its business directors and members. All of this information is necessary in order for your LLC to become successfully incorporated.

Steps to form an LLC in the US from India

The first step in this process is to order your company registration from a reputable incorporation organization. You will need to provide your company’s certified copy, form our company and certify the business activities of the Indian corporation. After that, you will need to do some marketing work, and then register an LLC with the US Corporation. Then, you can offer a certificate of incorporation to open a bank account in the US.

Finally, you will have to have your documents authenticated and start brand building for your subsidiary. When all of these steps are complete, you can use an online form service to file articles of organization with the state where your LLC is registered and receive a certificate of registration. Once all of these steps are completed, your LLC will be successfully created in the USA from India!

To form an LLC in the USA from India, you must first decide on a corporation LLC company registration. The shareholders’ nationality does not matter, as many shareholders as you like are permitted. You must then select a unique registered company name that has never been used before and is not already protected by another company. Once you have selected a name, you must apply to the relevant US corporation to be incorporated under that name.


Individuals and other businesses can both be shareholders in your LLC. It is important to research better entity types for your business in order to ensure that your LLC is the best fit for your needs. This will also determine what kind of number will be assigned for registration purposes. Lastly, choose a state where you would like to register and form your corporation accordingly.

Wyoming company is usually preferred as they have the lowest annual state fees. To open a US bank account, you will need to provide the formation documents of your registered company. You can also consider other states like Nevada, depending on your business needs.

Additionally, if you are looking to open a US branch of an international company, you must abide by the US Constitution and other parts of laws applicable in various states or their territories. It is important to note that physical presence may be required for setting up and operating a US company. Once all these formalities are done, you will be able to set up and operate your LLC in USA from India.

To register your business in USA, you need to first form a company with a US based firm. Depending on the state you select, either New Jersey or New York, there are different taxes and procedure.