A large number of people use Facebook Stories daily to have fun and exploit the attraction of other users. However, while it’s fun, there may be times when you get irritated by the daily Stories on your Facebook account. In this case, you can choose to mute all Stories on your Facebook account.

Quick Answer: To turn off Stories on Facebook, launch the Facebook app and go to the Stories section at the top of your Facebook News Feed. Click on the Story you want to mute. A small window will open and you will have the option to press “Mute”.

As we explained above, it is very easy to mute articles on Facebook, whether it is a page or a person you follow. In this guide, we are going to tell you how to mute all Stories on Facebook. So stay tuned!

Reasons to Mute Facebook Stories

Here are some notable reasons that might make you mute Facebook Stories.

You want to avoid pessimistic stories

The business world demands that you avoid negativity, both externally and online. You can ignore and mute content from a specific person on Facebook who consistently posts negative and crusty content to your News Feed if you don’t want to see it.

You don’t want to waste your time and energy watching Stories

You can mute all Stories on Facebook so your News Feed stays blank if you think you want to keep your attention for a more useful task than browsing Facebook Stories.

If you do not mute these stories, you may not be able to divert your attention. It is therefore necessary to mute them to concentrate on your activity.

You want to avoid constant messages bombarding your stories bar

You can be irritated if a Facebook account regularly posts too many Stories and appears in your Facebook Stories bar.

You can choose to ignore the narration of this particular account, in which case you may have to consult all the Stories published. However, by disabling Stories, you can save time and even skip all Stories content.

Note: It is important to note that disabling Facebook Stories from a specific account does not remove the account’s regular content posts or other information; it affects Stories.

How to Mute Stories on Facebook

Now let’s get to the highlight of this guide. Here are the steps to mute all Stories on Facebook.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook application

To begin, launch the Facebook application and log in to your account if necessary.

Step 2: Navigate to Stories

All Stories appear at the top of your News Feed. Choose the Facebook Stories you want to mute, then tap and hold the story.

Step 3: Click on “Mute Sound“

A pop-up will appear, prompting you to mute the account’s Stories or browse the Facebook page or profile. Click on the mute option and a confirmation window will appear indicating that you want to mute Stories from a specific Facebook account.

When you select the Mute option, all Stories are muted, but regular Facebook posts are unaffected.

Keep in mind: Since the launch of Facebook Stories in 2017, many users have embraced the feature, using it daily. However, some users seem to abuse this feature by posting an infinite number of daily posts, which might justify you muting their Stories. However, muting someone’s story doesn’t mean you won’t see that person’s Facebook posts.


Since its launch, many users have bombarded Facebook Stories with many updates that might irritate you at one time or another, leaving you no choice but to disable these stories on your account.

As mentioned in this guide, muting a Facebook Story does not take much time. You need to navigate to the article you want to mute. Hold down the key and a context menu will appear. Then select the mute option and confirm your decision.


What is the difference between a Facebook Story and a Facebook message?

There is an important difference between a Facebook Story and a post. Unlike a post, which is primarily text-based, Facebook stories are a visual way to communicate content. Stories disappear after 24 hours, but posts can stay on your Facebook page forever.

What happens if I mute someone’s article?

When you mute someone’s Story, they no longer appear at the top of your News Feed. Muting someone’s Story is not the same as unfollowing or muting their profile. That doesn’t mean you won’t see their updates in your Facebook News Feed anymore.

How to silence someone’s Story?

If you’ve decided to unpublish someone’s Story on Facebook, it’s relatively easy. Launch the Facebook app on your phone, tap ‘Menu’, then tap ‘Settings & Privacy’. Then tap ‘Settings’, scroll down to ‘Stories’ and tap ‘Stories you’ve muted’. Then tap “Unmute” next to the person, page, or group name to unmute the Story.

Is it true that muting someone prevents them from seeing your Story?

When you mute someone, their posts and stories no longer appear in your News Feed, but they can still see your posts and visit the other person’s profile. Also, when you mute someone on Facebook, no notification is sent. So you don’t have to worry about it.