It is possible for non-residents to open a bank account in the United States, as permitted by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Some US banks may have concerns about safety for non-residents, but a number of banks do offer this option.

Following the events of September 11th and the introduction of the Patriot Act, regulations for opening bank accounts for non-residents have become more strict. This is in an effort to prevent the use of the financial system for illegal activities such as money laundering. As a result of these regulations, the process of verifying the identity of non-residents looking to open a bank account in the United States has become more rigorous.

However, non-residents can still open bank account in USA by providing sufficient documentations as per the bank’s requirement.

I will now explain the details:

What are the benefits of opening a bank account in the USA?

  • Separate personal and business transactions
  • Easily distinguish between expenses and sales
  • Improve financial credibility with US customers/suppliers through ACH Direct Deposit
  • Facilitate annual financial report submission to the US IRS
  • Low-cost international and free domestic transfers
  • Increased efficiency in business dealings
  • Obtain electronic payment gateway for website or online store
  • No hidden fees or minimum balance requirement
  • Access to credit and loans
  • Option for free checks (varies by bank)
  • Possible rewards programs

How do I open a bank account in USA?

There are several ways to open a bank account in the United States, including:

Online (Popular for Non-Resident)

Opening a US bank account online is a good option for those who are unable to travel, but it requires an ITIN for individuals or an EIN for businesses. The quickest and easiest option, which also protects your personal liability under your name, is to incorporate a US company and obtain an EIN in order to open a bank account. I have personally done this for the past two years and it has been the most appropriate option for me.

To open an account online, you will be required to provide digital copies of supporting documents such as a identification or passport, proof of residence, and having all of these available will increase your chances of being accepted by the bank.


Most US banks will require non-residents to apply for a personal account. This means you will need to travel to the United States and go to a bank branch to create your account. However, this option is only available to those who have a trip to US, regardless of the type of visa they have.

You can obtain a US bank account by going to the bank and requesting to open an account, and receiving immediate approval or rejection. However, all of this is after obtaining a personal ITIN number.

International Branch

For example, banks like Barclays and HSBC, which has a branch in Saudi Arabia called SABB, can be used. If possible, go to the local branch and inquire about what needs to be done. You can choose a multi-currency account, an international account, or a correspondent account.

Your local bank may have a partner bank in the United States. The bank you deal with may be able to help you set up an account in the United States. Even without an actual location in the United States, your local bank can still assist you. Once set up, you can make bank transfers, deposits, and other financial transactions.

These international transactions are made through a network called SWIFT, which stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The correspondent bank will need the SWIFT code for the correspondent bank to make transactions to the foreign bank.

Can Non-Residents Open a US Bank Account Online?

Non-residents can open a bank account in the United States remotely, as long as they have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and a U.S. address.

If you do not have these, you can obtain them by setting up an individual U.S. company. The process of setting up an individual company is relatively low cost, typically costing less than $400 for an EIN and around $500 for an ITIN, and it provides you with a U.S. address along with the number.

It’s important to note that every bank has their own requirement and process, you need to check and provide the required documents and information as per the bank’s requirement. But overall it’s possible and routine process for non-residents to open a bank account online in USA.

How to Open a US Bank Account Online as a Non-Resident?

It’s worth noting that there are limited options for opening a bank account remotely in the United States, but there are options such as using banks like Mercury Bank that allow non-residents to open an account online, or setting up an individual company in the United States which will provide you with an EIN or ITIN.

It’s important to note that most American banks require a Social Security Number (SSN) which non-residents do not have, but some banks make exceptions for non-residents if they have EIN or ITIN numbers.

The process for opening an account online for non-residents can vary from bank to bank but generally the requirements are:

  • A valid address in the United States
  • A valid government-issued ID
  • EIN or ITIN number
  • Completing the bank’s application form

Here are the steps to open a US bank account online as a non-resident:

  1. Research different banks that allow non-residents to open an account online.
  2. Gather the required documents, including an address in the United States, a valid government-issued ID, and either an EIN or ITIN tax number.
  3. Fill out the bank’s online application form and submit the necessary documents.
  4. Wait for the bank’s response. They may request additional information.
  5. Once the application is approved, you will be provided with the account details and you can transfer funds to the new account.

That’s it! You have successfully opened an bank account in USA online as a non-resident. Remember to regularly monitor your account and follow the bank’s terms and conditions.

Nationalities are not allowed to open a bank account USA Remotely?

Nationality is not a factor in determining eligibility for a bank account in the United States. Customers who reside in the following areas are prohibited from opening bank accounts in the United States:

Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, North Korea, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen.

Opening a US Bank Account Online for Non-Residents: Requirements, Challenges, and Tips

This article summarizes the steps necessary to open a bank account in the United States from outside of the country, including requirements such as having an ITIN and a U.S. address. For some high street banks, you may be required to have a good credit score and social security number (SSN) in order to open an account, but there are many online-only banks that are accessible without meeting these requirements.

For those who are open resident aliens, undocumented immigrants, or immigrant foreign born persons, it is possible to open a bank account online with no SSN. The process will involve providing forms of identification such as an employment card, immigrant visa or permanent resident card.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen and need to open a bank account in the U.S., you may be able to do so by providing your foreign passport and an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). It is important to note that while online banks may offer this service, they might not be FDIC insured and it is always best to check with the bank before ordering one.

Opening a US bank account online for non-residents can be done, but there are some challenges. Traditional banks may require a social security number or an alien registration number, and high street banks will generally accept only American citizens.

To open an account with a credit union, you may also need to provide proof of good credit score and documents required by the bank. If you are unable to open an account online, it is advised to contact your nearest branch and make a secure appointment.

In order to open a US Bank Account online, you must meet the bank-specific requirements. Knowing which specific bank will accept your client profile is essential to ensure account opening success. Some of the popular US banks are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and Citibank.

It is also important to understand the account opening process and your banking needs in order to open a US Bank Account. This can help you avoid any potential account opening challenges.

To make sure that you have all the necessary information for opening an account, contact the bank’s banker directly or visit their website for listed contact details. Different banks have different quirks and requirements when it comes to opening accounts so it is better to depend on banks for this purpose rather than trying yourself.

Verifying your documentation is the first step in opening an account. The documents required to open a bank account vary from bank to bank and even from state to state. To ensure a smoother process and avoid any delays, it is better to know what type of documents you need before you start the process.

Depending on the bank and the state, these documents can vary and even include the branch name you want to open an account in.

Many online-only banks, like TD Bank, allow you to start your application right away. With this type of bank, you can complete your application online and verify your documentation at a later date.

Other banks may require you to provide certain documents in order to open an account. Depending on the bank’s policies, they may block access to certain people or states in America from opening an account online.

Opening an account online with a particular bank or credit union allows you to skip the lines and paperwork associated with opening a new bank account in person. The best banks for opening an online bank account are usually the biggest banks, as they have more resources and experience in developing their online services.

Each institution will have different requirements for opening an account online, and it’s important to understand which documents you need. Usually, you will need some form of government-issued identification such as a social security number or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

You may also be required to list your current address and provide other identifying information such as your name or address. To verify your name, some financial institutions may ask for additional information or request a copy of your driver’s license.

Local credit unions may accept different forms of identification than bigger institutions, so it’s important to research which institutions accept which documents before attempting to open an account.

Opening a US bank account for non-residents is a great way to access the benefits of banking in the US, such as safer banking jurisdiction, access to US banking products, and the ability to acquire US credit cards. Citibank is one of the biggest banks that offer bank accounts to non-residents and they have an easy online account application process.

Other high street banks also offer bank accounts for non-residents such as Wells Fargo and Chase Bank. Non-residents or immigrants who are not yet permanent residents or finish resident aliens may still be able to open a bank account with a valid passport and social security number (SSN).

Other American citizens who are not permanent residents may also be able to open an account with valid identification and proof of residence. A social security card is required for all individuals applying for a bank account, including foreign non-residents. This will help you unlock all the benefits available through banking in the US such as lower interest rates on loans, access to tax purposes, and better financial planning options.

To open a business bank account in the US, you have to look for the best business checking accounts. There are several international banks that offer such services and you can even perform other financial transactions like opening an overseas account or receiving your paycheck from a US-based bank. You can also make payments, living an independent life, and check our comparison before making your decision. It is the gateway to making sure that you find the right one for your needs.

To open a US Bank Account online non-resident, you need to first look at the banks website to see what they offer. The most basic checking account is Safebalance Banking. This is an account that is focused on helping you manage your money better. It also comes with access to online banking and other services. Other banks may offer more options such as a Premier Account or an Open Credit Card Account.

However, these accounts may require that you meet certain eligibility criteria or have a certain amount of money deposited in order for them to be opened. If you are looking for banks that deal with foreigners, then HSBC Premier may be the way for you to go. They offer many different services tailored towards individuals from outside of the United States who are interested in opening up a US bank account online non-resident.

Depositing cash is an option for those with large cash deposits. Opening up a US bank account online non-resident requires an initial deposit sum, which can be made via bank transfer or wire transfer.

In some cases, the bank may require proof of identity before making the initial deposit. The definition of a physical branch may differ between banks and in some cases, the question of whether or not an individual is a non-resident may need to be answered.