Android devices are renowned for being users’ go-to for all sorts of tasks, from messaging to editing photos. Working with files on an Android device is no exception. Depending on the type of file, opening one on Android may require various steps, and knowing how to open HAT file on Android is essential for any task.

What Is a HAT file?

A HAT file is a type of compressed file, which is the most common way of reducing the size of a file without having to delete any of its content. It is also feasible for multiple files to be condensed into a single HAT file, so it is a great way of managing data.

Required Software

In order to open a HAT file, the Android device needs two things: a HAT file opener and a file decompression program. There are several apps available on the Google Play Store that offer the capability to open HAT files. The two most popular ones are Zarchiver and Rar. Both apps can be used to extract the data stored in a HAT file.

Steps to Open HAT file on Android

Once the software is installed, users need to proceed with a few basic steps with the intent of opening a HAT file.

  1. Locate the HAT file on the device. It could be in the Downloads folder or any other location that contains file directories.
  2. Open the HAT file opener.
  3. Locate the HAT file and tap on it.
  4. Tap Extract file (or any other shortcut the app uses for opening files).
  5. Select the file location to save the extracted file. It is possible to save on the device or on an external SD card.
  6. Tap the Decompress button or any equivalent shortcut.
  7. The extracted file should now be in the chosen directory.
  8. Now the user can open the file normally.


When working with compressed files on Android devices, consider the following tips for maximum efficiency:

  • Rather than manually opening HAT files and extracting their content, there are alternative ways to accomplish this task. For example, some apps allow the user to store compressed files in their internal memory and then enable automatic extraction once the app is opened.
  • Be mindful of the storage capacity of an Android device – it may be necessary to delete old files or relocate them to a different storage unit.
  • Keep in mind that certain type of file formats may not be compatible with an Android platform, so some files may remain unopened.


Opening a HAT file on Android is relatively simple and straightforward, provided that the user has installed the required software. After the initial setup, the task of opening a HAT file becomes breathable. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of some of the tips presented above, to ensure a successful experience.
If any complications arise, do not hesitate to contact the app’s customer service for more specialized assistance.


How can I open a HAT file on Android?

You can’t open a HAT file on Android alone, as HAT files are Windows-based compressed files. However, you can use an app such as WinZip or ZArchiver to help you extract the files contained within the HAT file.

Can I access a HAT file on my computer?

Yes! You can access HAT files on your computer by utilizing a program such as WinZip, 7-Zip, or PeaZip, which all support opening the HAT file format.

What kind of files are usually compressed into a HAT file?

HAT files most often compress multiple files from different sources into a single file, so the files contained within the HAT file can vary greatly. Some of the most common types of files you will find in a HAT file include images, media, documents, and archives.

What type of file is a .HAT file?

A .HAT file is not a recognized file type. It is often used as a nickname for the .zip file type, which is a file archive format used for data compression.

What program is used to open a .HAT file?

A .HAT file is a HyperAnalyzer Table file, and it can be opened with the HyperAnalyzer software. Most popular programs such as WinZip, 7-Zip, and PeaZip can also open .HAT files.

What software can I use to open a .HAT file?

A .HAT file is an archived file used by the HazNet network management system. It is not a commonly used file type and may not be compatible with many software programs. However, the official HazNet software can be used to open .HAT files.