Nowadays, you can play almost anything on your Android phone, and we’re not just talking about the classics found on the Google Play Store. You can enjoy all kinds of video games from the most popular consoles in history, such as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP, and even PlayStation 2. Now it’s time for PS Vita games to join the party.

Sony’s second-generation portable console didn’t achieve the high sales numbers of the PSP, but it initially received a warm welcome from users. Despite this, the Japanese company decided to discontinue the console as sales dwindled over time.

Many expressed their disappointment, as the PS Vita had enough potential to continue expanding its game library. In fact, it has become the best-selling second-hand console in Japan. However, now you don’t need to resort to this alternative, as you can enjoy PS Vita games on your Android device.

All with a simple emulator

Emulators allow you to access games from other platforms, and you can find many of them directly on the Play Store. However, some are only available as APK files, such as the PS Vita emulator. Developers do a great job optimizing these emulators for a smooth gaming experience, making it feel like you’re playing on the actual console.

You can relive memories from years ago through these video games. The PlayStation Vita emulator, known as Vita 3K, isn’t new. Many users might already be familiar with it, as it was previously available for computers. However, it’s only now that it has made its way to Android.

All with a simple emulator

This means you can turn your smartphone into a PS Vita and access a large portion of Sony’s game library. It’s worth noting that bringing Vita 3K to the Android operating system hasn’t been an easy task, and you may encounter some issues while playing. However, be patient, as future updates aim to fix these problems. Another point worth mentioning is that the current interface isn’t well-designed, but these minor inconveniences don’t affect the overall experience.

Play PS Vita on Your Android

It’s important to note that some demanding PS Vita games may not be available for Android phones. Nevertheless, the game library is quite extensive, and there are many well-known titles. Additionally, the emulator uses customized controllers for Adreno graphics in devices.

Play PS Vita on Your Android

The Vita 3K emulator can now be downloaded for Android phones running Android 7.0 or higher. It is also limited to 64-bit processors and requires Vulkan 1.0 or higher support.

The download process is quite simple, as you just need to download the APK and allow the installation from third-party sources. After this, you can install it as usual. All you need to do now is select the language and follow the indicated steps to initially set up the app, which is not complicated at all.

However, here a good video to help you in the installation process: