On Reddit, wanting to be anonymous is a common thing. In fact, many avid Reddit users live in constant fear of being “doxxed” (meaning their true identities revealed) and do everything they can to avoid it. The added freedom of expression that comes with being able to express one’s thoughts without fear of repercussion cannot be overemphasized.

Quick answer: Although Reddit itself does not provide for anonymous use of its site and even tries to discourage it, you can nevertheless achieve it either by using a burner account when you wish to be anonymous, or taking care not to associate information that could reveal your true identity with your Reddit account and limiting the information people can see on your profile.

How to post anonymously on Reddit

In this guide, we will see how to post anonymously on Reddit, using two methods. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each method. In no time, you’ll be trolling trolls and preaching the gospel on NSFW subreddits, like a noble and true companion.

Method #1: Use a Burner Account

A “burner” or “disposable” account is an account created by a user for the specific purpose of posting messages about interests or ideas that he prefers to keep private and which can be “burned”, that is to say deleted, when the owner wishes. Of course, the account must not contain any information allowing its owner to be traced back.

This is the preferred anonymity method for most Redditors, as it is the most secure.

How to open a Burner Reddit account

Opening a Burner account is not much different from opening a normal account. The main difference is that you don’t usually provide your email address or any other identifying information when signing up. I’ll walk you through the steps below:

  1. Browse Reddit from your PC and click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the page.
  2. In the registration form, click on “Continue” – you don’t need to enter your email address – it’s optional, even if Reddit doesn’t want you to know it. If you’re using the old version of Reddit, click “Next” instead.
  3. On the next page you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Enter them, check the captcha box and click on the “Register” button in the lower right corner. Register on Reddit

And voilà, your anonymous Reddit account has been created! You can begin to sail and do the work of the Lord.

Note: If you are on mobile and using the Reddit app or mobile website, you cannot create an account without providing an email address. You need to visit reddit.com on any browser on your mobile device and click on the Request desktop website option to load the desktop website and then follow the steps above.

Advantages of using burner accounts

The main advantage of using burner accounts is that you can manage multiple accounts that are completely independent of each other and yourself, and then get rid of them when you don’t. no longer need them or when you think they might compromise your identity.

Disadvantages of using burner accounts

Because they are usually new and have very low karma, you may not be able to post or comment on certain subreddits with a burner account until he reaches a certain age or has a certain amount of karma.

In addition, you cannot recover or delete a burner account to which you have lost access (if you registered without an email).

Warning: Even with a burner account, you must be careful not to post identifying information or information suggesting a relationship with your main account. Also, anything you post remains visible on Reddit, even after you delete your account. And although your profile no longer exists on Reddit, it may still be viewable on digital archives like The way back machine.

Method #2: Use your main account anonymously

This method involves taking extra precautions to ensure that your main Reddit account cannot be linked to you. To do this, you must be careful not to publish information that identifies you.

How to use your main account anonymously

There are three important things you should do to minimize the risk of your identity being revealed when using your main account anonymously. I will detail them below.

Be careful what you post

This is by far the most crucial step when it comes to posting anonymously with your main account. You should be careful not to include information that could reveal your identity in your profile or in any of your messages.

You must also ensure that such information is not contained in the photos or videos you post and that you do not post links to sites or resources that can be used to identify you. These include, for example, your social media profiles, your CV and your personal website.

Make your profile private

Your Reddit profile can reveal a lot about you. You can hide some of this information by making your profile private. Go to your profile settings page and scroll down to the ‘Advanced’ section, then disable these options:

  • Allow people to follow you – this is to prevent people from being able to follow your account.
  • Content visibility: this option allows you to hide your profile posts on public Reddit pages.
  • Visibility of active communities: this option allows you to hide the subreddits in which you are active.

You must also hide your profile from search engines by disabling the “Show in search results” option in your privacy settings.

Disable chat

To improve anonymity, you should seek to achieve as much privacy as possible. This is why disabling the chat function, although not mandatory, is a good idea.

To prevent people from sending you private messages, go to your messaging settings and select “Nobody” in the “Who can send you chat requests” menu. Finally, also select “Person” from the “Who can send you private messages” menu.

Advantages of using your main account anonymously

The main advantages of this method are that you don’t have to juggle multiple accounts and you can easily accumulate karma and post messages everywhere if your account is active enough. Plus, you can quickly recover your account if you lose access.

Disadvantages of using your main account anonymously

The problem is that you have to be very careful about your posts and interactions. One misstep, and your identity could be revealed. Also, if you are hacked, hackers may be able to see identifying information like your email address.


In this guide, we have discovered the two ways to post messages on Reddit anonymously: using burner accounts and using your main account anonymously.

What is the best solution ? It depends on you and your motivations. If you’d rather not bother being super careful, then you should probably use burner accounts. On the other hand, if you don’t mind this and want the account to grow, you might prefer the second method.


How can I create a burner account on Reddit?

To create a burner account on Reddit, follow these steps:
1. Browse Reddit from your PC and click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.
2. Click on “Continue” without entering your email address (it’s optional).
3. Enter a username and password, check the captcha box, and click on “Register.”
Remember, if using a mobile device, you need to visit reddit.com on a browser and request the desktop site to create an account without an email address.

How can I make my Reddit profile more private?

To make your Reddit profile more private, follow these steps:
1. Go to your profile settings page.
2. Disable “Allow people to follow you.”
3. Disable “Content visibility” and “Visibility of active communities” options.
4. Disable “Show in search results” in your privacy settings.

How can I disable chat and private messages on Reddit?

To disable chat and private messages on Reddit:
1. Go to your messaging settings.
2. Select “Nobody” in the “Who can send you chat requests” menu.
3. Select “Nobody” in the “Who can send you private messages” menu.