In this Canva tutorial, we will learn how to put an image into a shape in Canva. While shapes themselves cannot have images, frames, which come in many different shapes, can hold images. You can even create your own custom frames.

Using Frames to Add Images to Shapes

  1. Accessing Frames:
    • Go to Elements on the left side.
    • Search for “frames” to see a list of available frames.
    • Choose from various shapes and types, including creative elements and borders.
  2. Adding a Frame to Your Document:
    • Drag a frame (e.g., circle, stamp shape) into your document.
    • Scale it up or down as needed.
    • Note: Frames have a cloud icon with Rolling Hills and blue sky, indicating that you can add a picture.
  3. Inserting an Image into the Frame:
    • Search for photos in Elements or upload your own.
    • Click and drag the photo into the frame.
    • Scale and reposition the photo inside the frame using double-click.
    • Use Smart Crop and Rotate options to adjust the image.
  4. Creating Custom Frames (Optional):
    • If the available frames don’t suit your needs, you can create custom frames using custom shapes.
    • Refer to the linked video in the description for a guide on creating custom frames.


Putting images into shapes in Canva is a creative way to enhance your designs. By using frames, you can easily insert images into various shapes, including custom ones. Though Canva doesn’t allow images directly in shapes, frames offer a versatile solution to achieve the desired effect.