Having trouble logging into your Threads account? Are you getting messages indicating that your profile has been blocked or deactivated? If you suspect that your account has been hacked, causing login issues, or if you’ve simply forgotten your password and are looking for a way to recover, unblock, or reactivate your Threads account, this article explains the steps to follow.

Although Facebook remains the most popular social network, Threads also ranks highly and follows closely behind.

As a result, more and more people are asking for help with their blocked Threads accounts, and while there are no miracle solutions beyond those offered by the social network itself, it’s essential and practical to know where to find help request forms.

Why Might Threads Block Our Account?

In all transparency, just as it is when we try to explain how to recover access to a blocked or hacked Facebook account, we don’t know when and how the social network decides to act.

However, since both are under the management of Meta, we suspect that the reasons our Threads account might be suspended are similar to Facebook’s: hacking, too many reports, forgetting the password, or an error on the part of the platform’s administration team.

Threads has established community rules that all users must follow. These prohibit, for example, the sharing of violent content, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, nudity, etc.

If a user repeatedly violates these guidelines, the social network will not hesitate to block or deactivate an account without prior notice.

Threads also has automated systems that detect unusual behavior, especially related to spam, so if we follow a large number of users in a short time or like or comment on thousands of posts in a single day, it might also take action.

In addition to community rules, Threads also has specific terms of use that each user agrees to when creating their account. If it detects a violation of this, it can block or deactivate an account.

Then, of course, it’s possible that we are not the cause of what’s happening, and that our account has simply fallen into the hands of ill-intentioned individuals.

Forms to Unblock Access to Your Threads Account

I unfortunately don’t have a miracle solution to reactivate an account suspended by Threads.

Some may find it unfair, but it’s possible that Threads doesn’t even give a user a warning before deactivating their account.

Then, yes, it’s equally possible that some accounts closed due to serious infractions may never be reactivated, and in these cases, I have no power or solution.

An overview of the review form to fill out if we lose access to our Threads account.

aperçu formulaire à remplir perte instagram

If nothing serious has been committed, the only thing to do if we think our account has been deactivated by mistake, is to fill out the review form provided by Threads.

This form is reserved only for people blocked for not respecting the community rules and who can therefore no longer log into their account.

We enter our full name, the e-mail address listed on our Threads account, our username, our phone number, and the reason why we are appealing Threads’s decision to permanently deactivate our account.

Filling out the form to recover access to a deactivated Threads account

If you think your Threads account has been hacked or if someone is using your name, photos, or information to create an account, it must be reported to Threads via the “hacked” form.

Filling out the form to recover a hacked Threads account

How to Avoid Threads Blocking Our Account?

Obviously, the first step to ensure you do not violate Threads’s community rules or terms of use is to familiarize yourself with them.

However, there are tips and tricks to secure your Threads account and avoid hacking, notably through a function called Security Check.

It’s also important to know how to recognize if our Threads account has been hacked or compromised. In my article, I give tips on what to do if you notice unusual activities on your Threads account, and if you think the security of your account is compromised.

Finally, since the forms that must be filled out to request a review or to recover a hacked account involve providing our email address or even our phone number, it’s essential to ensure that these are up-to-date.

To do this, go to the Threads app, into Settings and privacy, then update the Personal Information section found in the Account Center.